Snookums engages in incredibly inept toenail cleaning. Like, bag those toenails

U.K. graphic designer creates royal wedding souvenir barf bags
Could all the hype about the April 29 royal wedding be making some a little queasy? A new souvenir royal wedding “sick bag” (as barf bags are more politely called in the U.K.) invites users to “keep this handy on April 29th 2011.”

Graphic designer Lydia Leith is selling the sacks from her design website for £3 a piece (just under $5). “The sick bags started as a joke that came up around the dinner table,” says Ms. Leith. “Being quite a fan of royal memorabilia I thought it would be a fun alternative thing to make.”


funny shit, i love their interviews

Dorothy: Would you like another slice of cake Uncle Angelo?
Uncle Angelo: No, thank you.
Stan: I’ll take another slice….darling.
Dorothy: No problem….sweetheart.
Stan: Hurry back….dumpling.
Dorothy: My feet have wings….barf bag.
—  Golden Girls