Bubblegum Pink Lips with BareNaturals' Lip Stix in Butterfly Kisses

I love trying out products for my lips—whether it’s lip balm, lip gloss, or lipstick. In fact, just my handbag alone contains a variety of them. I have two kinds of lip balm, a tube of lip gloss, and lipstick all in one pocket. Sometimes, when I’m bored, I even play around by smearing on two products at once. That way, it also keeps me from peeling or biting my lips—a bad habit I do especially when they’re dry. 

The launching of Glamourbox’s Bridal Bliss Box got me incredibly excited because let’s face it—every sane and normal female being on the planet dreams (or at least once in a while thinks) about her dream wedding. And the box contained not just products but also vouchers that were ready to pamper all the single and to-be-married ladies.


Naturally, one of my favorites from the box was BareNaturals’ Butterfly Kisses Lip Stix, a colored lip butter. The name itself intrigued me, and my stomach couldn’t help but grumble at the sight of the word, “butter.” Immediately, I opened the tube and smelled it. The scent is a mixture of peppermint and vanilla. The feel on the lips is a bit thicker than an ordinary lip balm, but not as thick as that of a lipstick. When applied, the color instantly sticks to your lips and pops in a bubblegum pink hue. It also lasts the whole day, even if you drink your coffee or eat your lunch—which is what I did right after smearing it on. It leaves a light feel on the lips, and the peppermint gives a cooling effect, too.


Because it’s made with natural oils and waxes, you’ll immediately feel the moisturizing effect. The first time I tried it, my lips stayed hydrated the whole day, and I was prevented from peeling or chewing off the skin.

BareNatural’s Lip Stix in Butterfly Kisses will definitely stay a staple inside my bag. Grab the Bridal Bliss Box to enjoy bubblegum pink lips that leave them looking luscious, plump and kissable!

- Gretchen

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I decided to post my updated skincare routine (yezz after -how many- months). Just so you know, I never stick to one product — at all. 

The reason why I’m getting fewer acnes now is because I stopped taking these medicines (it was prescribed by the doctor and I have to take it). Not gonna say what medicine is this but — that’s the reason why back then, I had a lot of acne. And now, it gave me these red acne marks (that are sooo hard to remove) — currently using some whitening products to reduce their redness. Hopefully they’ll work tho~

Anyway, I have three different skincare routine:

1. Morning Skincare Routine A


  • I only use this every morning when I’m only staying indoors.
  • I recommend using gel type moisturizers especially for those who think that cream moisturizers are too ‘creamy’ for their skin (especially this summer). I’m currently using Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera Gel. I bought it from Sae Sil Parknshop. They accept orders for korean skincare brands but it’s for pre-order.
  • Wonder Pore Freshener (Toner) is a 7-in-1 toner. They also featured that it removes Demodex that causes itchiness on your face. Tbh, it does work. I noticed that my face was less itchy after a few hours. Though it doesn’t work well with creamy moisturizers.
  • I only use Cetaphil when: (1) I just woke up; (2) When I feel like my face isn’t that dirty.

2. Morning Skincare Routine B


  • Using Etude House’s Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam, I noticed that my face was brighter after using it with the Wonder Pore Brush. I really like the squeaky clean feeling after washing with this facial wash. <3
  • AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion is a good product if you’re looking for a gel moisturizer that also treats acne while keeping your face moisturized.

3. Evening/nighttime Skincare Routine


  • I use Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam when: (1) I’m too lazy to use a cleansing oil, (2) I feel like I need a stronger formula (of a facial wash) that will cleanse my pores deeper. I would always use the Wonder Pore Brush so it’ll really help with the cleansing + it makes the facial wash foamier. :3
  • From Beauty Finds Shop, I use their Skin Revival night cream to whiten my red acne marks. So far, I noticed a little difference and hopefully I’ll be able to write a good review of its effectiveness soon.
  • Also from the same shop (Beauty Finds Shop), Holy Zits targets only the acne. It’s effective but if you’re expecting that it’ll dry for only 1 night, it’s not a product for you. It does shrinks my acne faster than not using any acne spot treatments at all. Good news, it doesn’t make my skin dry (so far~)

4. Masks & Scrub


  • You Mask Be Pretty (Blue Collagen Mask) & Oh! So Snow White! Whitening Scrub are the products that I recently bought from GirlsfactoryPH. First impression: it’ll sting. But after using it a few times, it’ll not sting anymore. The whitening scrub is a really good product so far — but I suggest not using it every morning and evening though (despite the fact that it’s the instruction of their product). I felt like I over exfoliated my face and over exfoliating will damage your skin more + dullness.
  • Carrot Clear Complexion Mask from Barenaturals is a good savior mask. I always use this when I feel like I’m getting more acnes than usual (cause of stress). I’m really excited to use their mud mask too~ I’ll probably buy this summer when I ran out of this savior mask.

That’s all for now. For my grammar and spelling mistakes, I’m truly sorry cause I’m (1) lazy & (2) sleepy while typing this~ Ciaaao!



From site (http://barenaturals.multiply.com/photos/album/60/SOFTEST_FOCUS_FLAT_TOP_now_available)

“A flat top brush that’s SOFT, won’t shed and can apply your foundation and setting powder seamlessly!”

According to some bloggers, this flat top brush is like an EDM flat top. I have this brush for almost 3 months, I’ve washed this couple of times, never shed nor bleed.


> No shedding

>Even after 3 months, it remains the softest. Just like new!

> Cheap. Only Php 419 + shipping.

>The size is handy

> I’ve never tried it on liquid or cream foundation, but works very good in applying powder foundation. It provides good coverage.



PRICE: Php 419 at http://barenaturals.multiply.com/photos/album/60/SOFTEST_FOCUS_FLAT_TOP_now_available

RATE: 5/5

Would I recommend this? Yes, I highly recommend this!


Staying beautiful seems to be ever present in any girls’ checklist. It’s like the undying fad for some girls. They don’t explicitly broadcast it but it will always convey in their actions and twinkling eyes whenever they see clothes, beauty products, etc. In line with this, I also noticed how girls nowadays are persistent in searching for the best skin care/product that will truly enhance their natural beauty. Remarkable and tested products are indeed good investments, although these beauty treasures are hard to find. And I think I just acquired the passion for searching these clandestine beauty treasures recently.


These past few days, I have been stumbling on interesting and informative blogs, specifically blogs of beauty and makeup gurus. I don’t know how it exactly happened but I’m glad it did. Afterwards, I noticed how all my tabs are on their blogs, which was a big surprise to me because beauty products were never appealing to me. I would normally buy what my mom buys and from there I experiment. Luckily, my mom buys excellent products for sensitive skin and we have the same skin color and skin type so it saved me from damaging my skin and helped me achieve the natural look my mom and I always go for. I believe there’s no reason to hide one’s beauty that’s why I always make sure I can still recognize myself after putting some makeup.


My perception of makeup changed after watching makeup tutorials and reading various reviews on soaps, moisturizers, foundations, lip balms, makeup brushes and the like. SERIOUSLY! I think had a divine “makeup/beauty products” intervention few weeks ago. I got fascinated on how makeup can drastically change a look. I also got information on how to keep my skin healthy and fresh. The tips I gathered will definitely help me. Crossing paths with some beauty blogs was perfect timing.


Anyway, the ultimate reason why I’m blogging right now is because I want to share a new discovery, all thanks to all the good reviews on the web. Honestly, it’s my first time to hear about BARENATURALS. They are a skin care line that makes use of natural ingredients. If you will ask me it’s a one stop make-up store.


I got 3 products – EMU primer, no break-out to makeup soap and finishing powder.  My package even came with 3 freebies (two (2) blush ons and One (1) Apricot soap) which I thought was so cool! It’s my first time to get freebies from an online store so that’s a big plus for them.




1)      SKIN PERFECTING Primer

My reason for buying:

I bought this one because I realized that I’ve never had my own primer ever. Also, I just discovered that its functions are to prepare the face for a better application of makeup, to keep the face matte and to keep the makeup last longer (cool). Although, Boohoo! I got the memo late.



  • It has a gentle sweet scent
  • It makes my skin smooth and silky. Once it dries, it’ll be easier to put on makeup
  • It’s not sticky and too watery.
  • IT WORKS! I noticed that my makeup doesn’t slide off easily and everything else is in place.
  • Its container is very handy



  • None.







2)      No Break-Out to Makeup Soap

My reason for buying:

Initially, I thought the name of the soap was too catchy to be unnoticed. “No Break-Out to Makeup” is what I think EVERYONE using makeup is looking for. One of the good marketing strategies starts with packaging and I believe this soap’s packaging deserves a golden star. You’ll instantly know its purpose in the name itself and you’ll want to get your hands on it asap. Also I got this out of curiosity with a lot of convincing from its good reviews.



  • I love the scent. I can smell all the natural ingredients when I use it.
  • It can easily remove makeup
  • Leaves my skin smooth and soft
  • The shape will make sure that it wont slide off in your hands easily  and it reminds me of a lego.Haha



  • Sometimes it makes some parts of my skin dry. Take note, sometimes.





3)     Mineral Setting Powder (Spotlight)

My reason for buying:

I got this because I have read a lot of good reviews and also just out of curiosity.



It gives off a nice finishing glow and flawless finish.

Good for retouching

Its container is very handy and won’t take much space in your bag

Not too expensive. Hence, it’s a good alternative for my Clinique powder. Especially when I’m feeling thrifty.



  • None





I’m so happy I was able to find these beauty treasures. Not only are they reasonably affordable but the results are priceless. I gotta say my first experience as Barenaturals’ client was a thrill. I’m looking forward to trying more of their products. Trust me, their products are worth your money.












Long-Lasting Makeup with BareNaturals Skin Perfecting Liquid Primer

The Bridal Bliss Box featured a lot of skin-perfecting products to prepare every bride-to-be for her upcoming special day. Another product I was able to try, from the same brand that boasts my now favorite BareNaturals Lip Stix in Butterfly Kisses, is BareNaturals Skin Perfecting Liquid Primer—which is so perfect for my combination skin type. 


As someone who’s always on the go, I keep my makeup very minimal and light. A quick swipe of my bb cream, flavor of the week lip gloss/lip butter and some blush has always been my go-to look. 

Another reason I like to keep my makeup light is that I have sensitive skin and am very prone to breaking out. I like to use products only recommended by my dermatologist, and when I’m introduced to something new by a family member or a friend, I tend to become skeptic.

I was never really one to use primers before, only because I thought it added more to the makeup I was already applying—and I’m not really a fan of thick or heavy makeup. But curiosity killed the cat when I read about BareNaturals Skin Perfecting Primer, especially because it was non-pore clogging and was made from pure ingredients. Every Bridal Bliss Box comes with a 30 ml bottle. When I squirted some on my hand, it felt runny and feathery. I tried it with my usual go-to look.

I loved it! It kept my face free from oil, and it blended well with my blush and BB cream that it helped my makeup stay the whole day. It has a refreshing smell, too. Aside from Squalane and Vitamin E, which keeps the skin healthy and youthful, it also contains Real Pearl Powder that heals, brightens, detoxifies, and protects the skin. The Tea Tree ingredient is good for pimple problems, which is good for someone who has the same skin type as me.

Because the primer helps makeup last throughout the day, I would really recommend using it on the Big Day. The light feel of it, combined with its mattifying effects, ensures you need not worry about your makeup on your special day.

- Gretchen


Argan oil is Indigenous to the Moroccan forest. The Argan tree kernals have been harvested for centuries for their many “miraculous” benefits. Rich in vitamin E and Omega 6s this oil is ideal in protecting skin and hair from premature aging, UV exposure, and other environmental factors. A true regenerator, Argan oil is often used as a moisturizer for dry skin and as a smoother in damaged hair.
A real ‘beauty secret’ for Berber women, the oil is made from un-roasted argan kernels; it is also traditionally used for massaging joints and for nail and hair care.

ARGAN SKIN CARE OIL is traditionally used by Berber women to nourish their hair, skin and nails.

A pure natural skin food, rich in vitamin E and ant-oxidants, argan can be used as a nourishing facial treatment and night oil to protect the skin from the damaging effects of free-radicals and reduce fine lines. Ideal as a skin protector in cold weather and to soften dry patches anywhere on the body.

Argan oil contains exceptionally high levels of essential fatty acids, including linoleic acid (omega-6), which has a structural effect on membran fluidity and contribute to the barrier function of the epidermis. Essential fatty acids also counter drying and loss of elasticity in skin, helping to prevent or delay wrinkling; the skin becomes more supple and more toned.
This action against skin ageing is reinforced by very high levels of gamma tocopherols which are one of the most powerful biological anti-oxidants in neutralizing free radicals. It also protects cell membranes from lipid oxidation, thereby slowing the skin’s ageing process.
Argan oil has high sterols content, specially of schottenol (44 to 49%) which has inhibitive properties of the cellular development. With this composition, argan oil can also advantageously replace the cholesterol in cosmetics, without risking an increase of the blood rates of cholesterol.
Also five triterpenic alcohols were identified in the argan oil including lupeol (7,1%) which has anti-inflammatory properties.
As you see, argan Oil is the world’s most expensive oil for a plethora of valid reasons.

A popular high-end cosmetic brand in the US (Josie Maran) actually helped Argan oil become more popular and mainstream.

As an after sun soother and moisturizer.
To strengthen nails and soften cuticles, Try it on your hands too at night to keep your skin silky soft
For skin problems such as dry eczema, acne, psoriasis, to soften scars and help prevent stretch marks
Its anti-inflammatory properties help combat painful rheumatic joints, aching muscles or sports injuries
To restore dry damaged hair rub a small amount into the hair starting at the ends (This is actually its KEY SELLING feature for me. I am now an Argan oil believer, it made my hair really healthier!)

Please note that some commercial Argan oil are NOT pure argan oil. They contain dimethicone, and other chemical ingredients, usually Argan would be last on the list. Argan is an expensive oil. Only PURE argan oil can give you FULL benefits of real argan oil :)

Barenaturals Argan oil Ingredients:

100% Pure, Organic, Argan Oil from Morocco

Available in:
10ml: php198
50ml: php698
100ml: php1188



Mixture of Natural Georgikon Moor Mud and Bükfürdoi Szent Kelemen medicinal mineral water.

It contains over 1000 organic botanicals, macro and micro mineral elements, enzymes, natural antibiotics, vitamins, phyto-hormones and high level of humic acids. It detoxifies and nourishes the skin and due to its anti-microbial effect, also ideal for treatment of skin conditions caused by altered sebum production. Helps dry up pimples fast and can make the skin clearer and younger-looking.
Warning: If you have skin issues, better consult your dermatologist before using this product.


New Packaging! Natural Pink (Lip and Nipple Lightener)

Product Description:
Bare Natural Pink Lip Lightener, SPF15
NATURAL PINK- lip and nipple solid gel

Barenaturals is revolutionizing natural cosmetics. Who would have thought that a simple transparent solid gel can make a big difference in transforming dark, wrinkly lips to pink and young-looking?

What Causes Lips & Nipples To Darken?

Various factors may cause your lips to darken: excessive intake of tea or coffee, excessive exposure to sun, smoking, skin dryness, heavy or chemical-laden lipstick, Aging, hormonal changes pregnancy, menstrual problems can all speed up the accumulation of dark pigments and change the colour of your lips and nipples from a natural pinkish to a dull, brownish colour.

Barenaturals NATURAL pink- lip and nipple solid gel

• Restores alluring sheer pink lips – lightens dull, discoloured lips & restores natural lip colour with continuous use
• Prevents further darkening caused by low-quality, traditional lipsticks
• Made from the most natural ingredients and extracts available to restore the pink glow of lips and nipple
• Rich in antioxidants C and E to protect your lips
• Lightens Darkened Lips and Nipples - naturally safe
• Reveals softer, more kissable lips
• Safe for daily use
• Easy to apply – just twist and swipe
• Can be used as lipstick base
• No greasy after-feel

Directions: use several times a day for faster result. Results can be seen for as early as 7 days


Absolutely no parabens
Not tested on animals
Vegan product: we did not use beeswax, just purely plant-based gelling agent