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"Hey Gunner!" Jack called, knocking on her door with his bare knuckles, eyebrows furrowed. It'd been a few days since he'd seen her and they still had business that needed conducting, let alone there was an odd sensation within the pit of his stomach that something wasn't quite right. " 'M comin' in!"

She didn’t answer, she didn’t even hear him as he pushed through the door. Bralyna was still curled up in the fetal position on the bed facing the wall, trembling violently, her whimpering to greet him as he moved completely into the room, but he was the only one there, mentally anyway. She was lost in the nightmare of fighting off the captain from her life before. 

She was pale, sweating profusely and pretty much the only reprieve Jackary would get from walking into the scene was the fact that she had already gone horse enough  to keep her from begging the unseen entity out loud to stop.  She rolled with the sound of his voice though and was staring blankly at the wall behind him, the  tears streaming through the look of raw fear that laced her eyes. 


Weekly News Update

Bravely Second: End Layer was released and talk of a Bravely Third if this one does well (and by all accounts it’s not gotten off to the strongest start!). And to those wondering: there is no English language option like For the Sequel.

● Also released was Nikki’s Travel Quiz on Club Nintendo. Speaking of Club Nintendo: you can no longer register points although you can redeem them until 30 September. A ton of new items are available from tomorrow.

● The third in the Touch Battle Tank series (dismissing the spin-off Touch Battle Ninja which I assume Silverstar are trying to forget too as it sold terribly) comes to the eShop on Tuesday. Touch Battle Tank 3D-3 will cost ¥500.

● Also coming out on Tuesday (alongside the previously announced 3D Bare Knuckle II) is the card making game Minna no Decoration Card. The interesting thing is that you can send them (the cards) within Chat-A-Lot.

● The next eShop sales will be for the Fire Emblem games (Awakening and both Famicom games) and the Kunio-kun titles (not the Virtual Console ones). Also on sale are Marvelous, Detune and Starsign games.

● That’s all for this week other than the Super Smash Bros., Collectible Badge Center and system updates. Remember to check out which will be updated daily, and thanks for following both blogs!