Vintage Clubs 

by  Emilio Sansolini

The first ever kits specifically utilized for football come from the Great Wardrobe of King Henry VIII of England in 1526. Since then, crowds have gathered in stadiums with an assortment of colors representing their favorite teams. The kit not only is a marketing device used by clubs to attract funds, it is also a symbol of pride, passion, and unity among supporters.

An Italian/Argentine citizen in the Anglo-Spanish country of Gibraltar, Emilio Sansolini has always loved to create art . What others may see as a profession, Emilio sees his illustrations as hobby.  

The idea behind the project Vintage Clubs was to create football jerseys as elegant as possible working on a minimal and retro style. Emilio’s always been an admirer of the beautiful game all his life and jerseys have always caught his attention. 

In recent years these kits have never been fond of him due to their heavy and busy nature, misplacing the identity of the teams and the identity of the original football itself. He contemplated how the jerseys would feel and look if he was forced to wear them every day, not only in games. 

The results were his latest conceptual designs expressing a vintage inspired look with some of the world’s most renowned teams. Each illustration was used with Photoshop creating a minimal retro template to help achieve his goal: an intelligent and simple design.

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