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This Can’t Be Happening.

In “A Deadly State of Mind,” George Hamilton plays Dr. Mark Collier, a deeply, deeply creepy psychologist. Complications with his patient/lover, played by Lesley “No ‘Ann’ For Some Reason” Warren threaten his career and murder ensues, but Columbo is on the case. RJ, Jon and guests Brenna Zedan and Anne Moloney (of the LadyLike Book Club) dig deep into this tale of barbituates, swimming, hypnosis, unethical medical practices and beige leather. As one of our guests says, this episode is rough on ladies and dogs.

94763327778 He doesn’t do drugs? Have you fucking seen him lately? He looks like he’s on tranquilizers or barbituates like the other anon said. Honey, you need to relax, sit your lil ass down, open your eyes, and stop having a fucking breakdown over people pointing out that your god Dylan’s on drugs because it is not cute nor is it warranted. “Ermagerd hez not on drugzz st0p iiiit” you sound like a child.
—  anon
Chapter 1: Trial || Jackson Halburn || If this is Phoenix Wright does that mean I’m Gumshoe [RE: Sun-Mi, Dimitri, Sora/Hans]

Jackson gulped apprehensively as they were introduced to the trial room after such a time-consuming elevator trip. He hated elevators – ever since he had gotten stuck in one as a child, the idea of being stuck in a metal box with little to no way out was not something he fancied. In his state of empty thought, the acrobat found himself following Sun-Mi to her podium and standing behind her briefly before realizing. Sheepishly, he scooted to the empty one next to her.

Number 21. Okay, he could remember that.

Words began flying like bats out of hell before the trial was even five minutes in progress. Barbituate… Hammers, knives… Tsukino-san… It was a lot to take in all at once. Not to mention the fact that Sun-Mi’s hair seemed to be gradually expanding and filling his airspace.

Time to speak up.

“Uh, hi, I’m… Jackson, or Jackson-san, or uh… Halburn. Jackson Halburn. That’s my name. I’m the Super High School Level Acrobat. I was on TV a few years back for the Olympics an’ junk if ya think I’m familiar. This chica next to me is Sun-Mi Choi, and we did investigate together. I can back up everything she says, except for the shorts bit. I wasn’t there for that.”

I also gave a lotta my info to Flyboy, includin’ my guesses about stuff. So, uh, if we can stop gettin’ naked for a second…”

He threw a grin at the guy in the jumpsuit at this, appearing intensely amused by his antics.

I checked a lotta places and didn’t get a lot. I found a faded blood trail through the lounge, which I think proves that Tsukino was either dragged or walked from the kitchen to the medical bay. I found the blood under her nails that Sun-Mi mentioned. So, yeah, the guy’s probably hurt.”

“Is it possible that they could’a… Uh… Taken a small bit of the barbisol or whatever to calm down an’ then took off all their clothes and streaked? I don’t think this was thought out at all. They whacked the poor girl even after she was dead. That sounds like panic to me.”