baraworld said:

I second that. Your art style is simply astonishing. Clean but natural outline. I love the fact that your artworks, or at least the ones I've seen are a pale color background and the drawing in this brown-grayish color. And you got a gift from the gods with your abilty to draw eye expressions.


Oh wow … thanks ! hahaha yeah i love that pale color <3 i think it’s my personal detail to every work and well there’s other stuffs haha but it’s a secret , thank you so much about this , comments like this make me think i’m doing really well  after all xD 

baraworld said:

xD Entonces, quisiese saber si tu lengua nativa es español, porque puedo ver que el ingles no es ^^U Pero es para estar seguro o.o

soy de mexico

ajajaj asi ke si el espanol lo es al cien XD

pero el ingles me encanta

i can talk it!

but no so good than i want!