mudsy asked:

Goals for the future?

I’m gonna shoot for the moon and say veterinarian, that would be my dream-come-true longshot goal. But in the nearer future, I’d like to move out and stay out and be successful on my own, and also get back to running regularly! And keep these trees we just planted alive.

baranyan replied to your postShows are made in advance before the season airs, in general. It’s uncommon for episodes to be made in a rush. You do not know what you are talking about. Disney put the show on hiatus, not Gravity Falls. Hell, season two is currently in production. Don’t post what you claim to be fact unless you know what you’re talking about.

actually a lot of shows rush to put together episodes in a week, such as South Park. To call someone retarded for a mistake is wrong and I hope you trip and someone calls you something hateful, anon.

See, that’s how I thought it was with the 3 cartoons I mentioned! Pff