I wanted to do this since I hit 200 thank god I didn’t but I was too lazy and recently I hit 260. I seriously can’t believe that people still follow me, this used to be a band blog, but since the football fandom attacked I thought everyone would unfollow me and well. But fortunately that didn’t happen and I gained a lot of new friends and stuff! So… I’ll be here for a long, long time and THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING ME!!!

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I’m so so sorry if I missed someone, but as I said before I’ll be here for  a LONG time, so more of these are coming, thank you and I LOVE YOU ALL OKAY?! :)

So guys, this is long overdue but i finally got this list together! A big thank you to all my mutuals and friends that ive made on this stupid blue website, you guys have been fantastic to talk to and ily

Bold: Someone I think makes great gifs/graphics/art

*Star: *someone I’ve been friends with for like, ages

Italic: friends I know IRL!


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( EDIT: also a big big thank you to tumblr user fancychansey for the banner c; tysm!)

hi guys since i’ve had snowdays for the past four days, i figured i’d make my second follow forever! these are all lovely blogs along with my blogroll xo


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So I wanted to make this at the beginning of January but I only just got my laptop and Photoshop back just recently. I’ve been following a lot of these blogs for a long time, and they’re all really rad as hell. If you’re not on here I’m really sorry I love you, I probably just missed you — I follow a lot of people! I couldn’t tag everyone because I hit tag limit, but I’ll reblog from another of my blogs and tag the rest! I love you guys!


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hihi it’s jillian here! i figured after 4 years of having a tumblr, it was time to make a follow forever! so, here we go!


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i also love everyone on my blogroll

So, first of all: thank you all for being a part of my Tumblr and for letting me being a part of yours! Tumblr was a great opportunity for me to get to know about new bands and meet lots of precious people. I want to thank some of them separately (and sorry for my poor language skills):

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sorry for the crappy edit but ya know

Since I hit 8k, i decided to make another follow forever!




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If you weren’t in this follow forever, i still love you! these are just some of my favorite blogs. Stay rad, guys!

So since everyone’s doing one, I decided to do another follow forever !! [:
My first one is here, and if you aren’t on it or were on the last one and not this one please don’t be sad bc I still love you lots !!
Also be sure to check out my blogroll ! [:

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