Wreck This Journal [Re-Cover] | Original Ink, Finished Coloured Pencil

One of the prompts in Wreck This Journal (by Keri Smith) tells you to doodle over the cover of the book. Instead of just doodling over it, I re-drew the entire thing. This is a view of the front cover as lineart with a the actual journal behind it. Underneath the journal is a painting of a Geisha, made with acrylic paint for base colour and Crayola coloured pencils to shade it.

The fully coloured journal cover (front, spine and back) are pictured below.


Die Young, Stay Pretty | Tattoo Design

When I’m bored, I sometimes draw up tattoos that I might like to have one day. 70% of those designs never get out of my head, but most of the ones that do contain the phrase “Die Young, Stay Pretty”. I don’t know if it’s from something — I actually think it might be a Blondie song — but it’s always just sort of stuck with me. Most of the designs with this phrase consist of naked women with their private parts covered with a banner. The women are either half-alive looking with some muscle and skeleton showing or fully alive like the one pictured above.

I want to look like this | Digital

I want to look like this. I want a dark brown and seafoam green pushhawk. I want gauges. I want to look like what people call “hipster”, not because it’s fashionable, but because I like the style. I’m sick of looking like me. I just want to be someone else.