The Prez does it again! 

When Asked To Sort ‘Girls’ And ‘Boys’ Gifts, Obama Destroys Toy Gender Stereotypes (VIDEO)

“President and Michelle Obama were sorting toys into ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ bins for the Marine’s Toys for Tots program when the President tackled toy-gender stereotypes in true Obama fashion.

Between them, the pair delivered about 1,000 toys from the President’s staff to the U.S. Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots campaign, an annual holiday toy drive.

But then things got even more adorable. The President started putting the sports and the science toys into the ‘girls’ bin.  Placing a basketball into the bin, Obama says:

“I just wanna make sure some girls play some ball.”

A person from the crowd queries his decision to put legos in the girls, rather than the boys collection – because they might not like them.  The President responds:

“Girls don’t like toys?”

As he continues to sort, he comes across a T-Ball set.

“T-Ball? Girls like T-Ball” and nodding, puts the set in the girls’ bin.  The crowd is snapping photos, with some looking a little confused and he adds. “I’m just trying to break down these gender stereotypes.”

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After eight years of "The Grinch Administration” aka Bush/Cheney, news like this just makes my heart grow three sizes bigger!


“We were all running because we heard the gunshots and then she stopped and she was like, ‘I think I got shot.’ And I was like, ‘Hadiya, please stop joking,’” Best friend Klyn Jones said. “She was like ‘No seriously, Klyn, I think I got shot’ and she just fell. And then time just like started moving in slow motion.”

Remember a couple weeks ago on Inauguration Day First Lady Michelle Obama, while viewing the parade from the presidential box, suddenly looked up and saw a group of beautiful, energetic Black girls from Chicago fast approaching?  The First Lady began to “get down” along with her “homegirls” who were really strutting their stuff.  Tomorrow, Michelle will travel home to Chicago to attend the funeral of one of those girls. Fifteen year old Hadiya Pendleton, a high school sophomore, honors student and drill team captain, was shot in the back on a rainy day while huddled under a canopy at a park with friends, just nine days after she’d proudly marched before the President and First Family. She told her family and friends being there was the happiest day in her entire life. Now, the entire city of Chicago is in mourning. There have been protests and marches and calls for an end to gun violence.  Police say a gang member randomly fired into the huddled group of innocent kids.


Hadiya’s wake was Friday night. 


The coward who murdered her has not been caught.

Michelle replied that the dangers of the Presidency were not novel. “I don’t lose sleep about it,” she said. “Because the realities are, as a black man, you know, Barack can get shot going to the gas station”—certainly the first time that this particular demographic truth has been enlisted as a reason to be optimistic about a black man’s prospects.

Barack Obama’s Safety

“A world in which women and girls are treated as equal to men and boys is safer, more stable, and more prosperous. Beyond those tangible benefits, this is simply a matter of right and wrong. Women and girls are human beings, full and equal in rights and dignity. They deserve to be treated that way, everywhere, every day.” —President Obama on International Women’s Day