Obama HASN’T Done This 60% of the Time, But Never Misses a Round of Golf

Obama HASN’T Done This 60% of the Time, But Never Misses a Round of Golf

A new report reveals that President Obama has failed to attend important meetings over half of the times they have occurred, and it’s likely why his foreign policy is so weak.

According to Breitbart, a new Government Accountability Institute report revealed that President Obama failed to attend nearly 60 percent of his daily intelligence briefings. In fact, he’s only made it to 42.1 percent of…

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As President Obama has admitted since long before entering politics, he’s done his fair share of illegal drugs. In his 1995 book, Dreams From My Father, he wrote that he’d used marijuana and “maybe a little blow”. Despite this, he continues to oversee a federal war against others who’ve done the same…

Of course, Obama does not wish that he went to prison. He does not believe that his life would have gone better, or that his community’s failure to lock him up presented a social problem. Nor does he regret that the criminal justice system never made an example out of him.

However, countless other people have not had his luck. They have lived through the endless torture he would he would have lived through, had he been caught. When asked on the Tonight Show whether or not he’d grant some of them the grace he’d been given by legalizing marijuana, he laughed.

To paraphrase libertarian entertainer Penn Jillette’s forceful response to the incident: this is not a joke.

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"President, when i first heard that somebody special was coming, I really waned it to be Beyoncé"