After the fall of SHIELD in “The Winter Soldier”, Clint Barton works part time as an archery teacher for New York’s rich spoiled kids. Secretly, he can’t stand most of them, but he is intrigued by a gifted but annoyingly sassy teenage girl named Kate.

anonymous said:

Hi Pm. Before launching your Bucky's Instagram, did you do some sketches/doodles? Was it a project carefully prepared or something spontaneous? I'm interested in your process so I'd like to know more please. Thanks and sorry for the English. (★^O^★)

Hi anon!

Don’t be sorry for your English, mine is worse, so, yah, let’s high five! \o/

Very good question!

Ok, as far as my Bucky’s Instagram is concerned, it wasn’t spontaneous at all. I didn’t wake up one morning and said "Let’s create an Instagram for Bucky, draw something this afternoon and post it tonight”.  I had the idea at the beginning of July, doodled a bit because I wasn’t sure of what style I wanted for this project, posted the first artwork on August 17th on Instagram witout advertising the project on my Tumblr to see how it goes, to finally launch it seriously on August 29th. To be honest,I wanted it to stay on Instagram but as people started to repost on Tumblr without the caption and the source, I opened my own Tumblr devoted to Bucky’s Instagram.

Style wise, I tried a lot of things. I wanted to draw something sketchy, without a lot of details but I didn’t feel very comfortable about it so finally, I went for something detailed and very colorful. Here are some of the sketches I did before posting the first artwork:





I tried different textures, filters, brushes for the line art, etc before finally being sure of what I wanted style wise.

I also gave a couple of thoughts about what kind of pics were gonna be posted at this account. Dark stuff, schoomp, a bit of both? I went for a mix of both. I love making the audience go “Awwwww” and comfortable during several weeks in a row before posting something sad and reminding everybody that, after all, the guys are soldiers who spend a lot of time on the field. Not to mention that Bucky is in recovery but isn’t at 100% yet.

Now, I feel more comfortable about what I draw for this project and I can feel an evolution from the 1st art to the latest one I posted. You maybe can’t see it, but believe me, I can ^^

Voilà, I hope I answered your question :)

Thanks a lot for your message anon and have great weekend! ♥

Um, guys. I noticed something on this post about Koujaku last night, that I wasn’t sure about pointing out until I got into photoshop to do some comparative overlays. Koujaku has gotten a lot thinner in a very small amount of time.

I’ll use the same images from that post (the naked sprites from the first and second games).

Here’s Koujaku coming out of Beast mode in the first game:


And here he is in Re:Connect only several months to a year later:


I haven’t played ReConnect yet, but I’ve seen posts making fun of or explaining (beautifully in the case of this post about Koujaku’s accessories) the different anatomy between the games. So I thought “hey maybe their art style HAS changed a lot”, since Mink looks a bit smaller too, and Noiz is a beanpole outside of his hot topic haute couture.

But then I got to overlay them this morning and


That is a huge difference. DmmD!Koujaku’s body is very slightly turned and thus in perspective - meaning he is actually slightly wider head-on. Even taking into account that ReConnect!Koujaku may be putting his head up and pushing his shoulders back to make up for the lack of his posture collar, it’s still a massive change.

In fact, his neck is roughly the same length, as seen when I switch to darken to ensure everything is lined up (it was):


And then shift opacity:


A complaint I’ve seen around about giraffe necks is now explained. Koujaku’s neck isn’t longer. His face lines up almost exactly, with a two-pixel narrower jawline. His neck and collarbones are about the same, barring a slight change in posture. The difference is that his shoulders, chest, and traps have gotten smaller and bonier, tricking our eyes into thinking there’s something up with his neck, when really it’s something up with his whole body.

To reiterate, this happened in about a year’s time:


No wonder Aoba and Beni-Shigure were so worried at the beginning of the Drama CD!

WestAllen fic: Five Times Barry Sees Iris Naked

Rating: R
Pairing/characters: Westallen, Iris West, Barry Allen
Warning/spoilers: nudity (duh), pregnancy, no spoilers 

Summary: The next time there is no blood or screaming, there’s no faulty motel bathroom door, and it’s not an accident, all of which are good things.


When Barry is fourteen, he walks in on Iris in the shower. She has, for some reason, forgotten to lock the bathroom door, and he has earbuds in – doesn’t hear the water running. A perfect, humiliating storm ensues.

She screams, he screams, she exits the shower in a flail of wet, naked limbs grabbing frantically for a towel and he exits the bathroom at a blind run, straight into the open door of the linen closet. The skin over his left eyebrow splits open and a deep, bruising pain seers his forehead – he finds himself on his back, blood trickling in his eyes and onto the carpet, Iris standing over him in a towel asking if he’s okay.

He’s not okay. He has to be taken to the ER, receives three stitches for his trouble, and can’t look Iris in the eye for the next week.

She had boobs. And okay he kind of knew she had boobs already, he’s – you know. Seen her. Around the house. Wearing t-shirts and blouses that sort of strain now in ways they didn’t six months ago, ways he’s both fascinated and horrified by. And also he’s had to get used to her bras – bras of a sort she also definitely didn’t have six months ago – in the dryer with his boxers and how that whole idea of their underwear touching makes him feel a whole load of weird all over and he isn’t sure exactly why except that he’s been having these dreams about her lately that are just – wow.

And – and – she had hair. In her – you know – area. (Which he absolutely attempted to avoid looking at). He doesn’t even have hair, for god’s sake! He checks, fairly regularly, but – actually it’ll be another year before anything truly like puberty happens to Barry Allen.


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