Imagine Bucky really loving the show Avatar: the Last Airbender. As he’s watching the show, he tries to decide what type of benders his friends would be.

Immediately, he knows Steve would be an earthbender (Tony thinks Steve is an airbender, because FREEDOM, but Bucky ignores him). His stubborn attitude alone is a dead giveaway, nevermind his rough fighting style. Although Steve trains with Natasha and Bucky often, he still prefers punching, kicking, and generally fighting dirty. Definitely an earthbender, although he adapts to new situations just as fast as a waterbender.

As hard as he tries, Bucky can’t imagine Natasha being a bender of any kind. In that universe, being a bender is such a huge part of someone’s personality, and showing that to the world would kill Natasha. Eventually, he decides she would be a Kyoshi warrior. Their fighting styles are very similar, with the whole, ‘turn your opponent’s power against them.’

Bucky has a bit of a dilemma trying to choose for Sam. On one hand, Sam is the most stable person he knows, and he trusts him nearly as much as Steve and Natasha. On the other hand, Sam can fly, and he loves that freedom. Bucky eventually decides to call him an airthbender and call it good.

Bucky thinks Bruce would be a firebender. Despite his love for peace like an airbender, his passion outweighs that part of him. He fights for what he believes, and Bucky admires that about him.

Thor would be an earthbender. His fighting style, love of battle, and strength all contribute to Bucky’s decision.

Clint and Tony would be waterbenders. Bucky hears about what happened to Tony in Iraq, and how he survived thanks to his ability to adapt and escape, just like a waterbender. As for Clint, there’s a certain way he moves that influences Bucky’s decision. Like himself and Natasha, Clint moves like a fluid when he fights. Any attack that he faces, he faces head on, but still manages to divert and redirect the attack. There are no breaks between one hit and the next with Clint when he’s fighting. He’s like music that is all slurred. When he’s not fighting, he’s the clumsiest idiot Bucky has ever known, worse than Steve before the serum, but his fighting style is very distinct.

As for himself, Bucky isn’t sure. He thinks that before the war, he was definitely a firebender, but after the Winter Soldier, he fights more like a waterbender. He leaves it up to his friends to decide for him.

Submitted by: spooky-heir-of-gondor