*White Layer
Vanilla Liqueur
Cake Vodka
Baileys Irish Cream
*Blue Layer
Blue Curacao
Blue Frosting
Shake and strain into glass
Rim glass with blue frosting.


Post your cocktail pics #TipsyBartender. Each month the pic with the most likes WINS $100. The runner up WINS $50. The pic must be yours. Don’t post a pic you didn’t take. Include the recipe.

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​Coquito is the most famous Christmas holiday drink in Puerto Rico! Tons of people have been asking us to make this one. It’s super delicious. Click on the link in my bio to watch us make it on YouTube.

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J Towne Tavern - Route 15 in Lake Hopatcong, NJ

Just when you think you’ve tried every pizzeria in a town, you hear about a place you’ve never been to from the most unlikeliest of sources. While at work, I overheard someone mention the pizza they had recently at J Towne Tavern, the more “upscale” half of the Jefferson Diner, and how it was really good. Good pizza? In my town? That I didn’t know about? Sounds like a problem that needs correcting to me. I coerced Sean and Luke (even though he is vegan) to accompany me in getting a pie and putting this to the test.

Now by no means is the J Towne Tavern a pizzeria. It’s a sit down affair with mood lighting, fancy menus, and ridiculous prices. Sean and I flipped through the menu contemplating the appetizers, until we realized they were more expensive than a pie, which came out to $10. The Tavern only serves full bar pies with a few different topping selections (plain, mushroom, pepperoni, buffalo chicken, and some sort of “special” pie), so Sean and I figured we should split one. We settled on a half plain, half pepperoni, and waited for it to come out.

Seeing as the Tavern is just that (a tavern), it should come as no surprise that they serve bar pies. Our particular pie definitely had all the notable characteristics: thin crust, an underwhelming amount of cheese, and too small for such a thin yet pricey pie. Now, I’ve never understood the hype that seems to surround bar pies, as I’ve had some of the top rated bar/tavern pizza in NJ and have always come away underwhelmed. Unfortunately, J Towne Tavern was no exception.

I OBVIOUSLY opened with a pepperoni. Always put your best foot forward, right? Wrong. I am shocked to be saying this, but the pepperoni was second rate to the mushroom. Just like Russia to the U.S. in women’s gymnastics in the '96 Olympics. I don’t know what they did, but the pepperoni could not save these slices. The sauce had this tangy, artificial vibe and like I said, the cheese just wasn’t included in great enough quantities to stop me from noticing. The crust also went from extremely doughy to extremely burnt as I progressed through the slice, neither of which are things I am looking for in a slice of pizza. Woof. In addition, I was not satisfied at all by the four slices I ate. Instead I left feeling hungry and cheated. The only thing I was a fan of was the mushrooms. Wherever they get them from (which was somewhere in PA), the Tavern picked a good spot. I personally wouldn’t waste my time going here again, but Sean said he would give it a 4 out of 6: worth a try for “the average pizza consumer who’s not SO into pizza.” I, unfortunately, am not so nice.