Translated by me and Monica Odom 

[image text] When Nadia decided not to baptize her son Victor, many said that it would only bring him suffering. Nadia, happiness is not a privilege held only for Christians, and you don’t need religion to teach important values to your kid.

[texto da imagem] Quando Nádia decidiu não batizar seu filho Victor, muitos disseram que isso só lhe traria sofrimentos. Nádia, a felicidade não é privilégio dos cristãos, e vocês não precisa de religião para ensinar valores importantes ao seu filho!

“Never be afraid of loving the Blessed Virgin too much. You can never love her more than Jesus did.”
– St.Maximilian Kolbe

God acted silently and secretly, bringing into being a creature to be his mother so beautiful, that hell trembled and the heavens sighed.
- Fr. Steve Grunow



I was crying before I walked up and cried during it and absolutely SOBBED afterwards. It was even more special because the guy who baptized me is a very dear friend and it was sooo good that he was able to do it. I am absolutely filled with joy and happiness and so many other emotions. It was so worth getting baptized again now that I’m older and it meant so much more to me now than when I was in elementary school. 

And there is a blizzard going on and all of the services are cancelled tomorrow so the other baptisms got moved to next week and I’m really glad I got to do it tonight because my mom and best friends were able to come. Ahhhh finally got baptized after years of ignoring God who was telling me to get baptized every time we had it at my church. 

I’m so stinking happy. 


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