Sometimes I don’t feel like the people arguing realize that Palestine is completely under occupation. Palestine is not a sovereign state. At best the Palestinian Authority just facilitates and takes care of the administrative dirty work for Israel. But make no mistake, Israel is the side holding all the power and all the cards.

What are some crucial elements for a state to have, in order to be considered sovereign?

Well..they’d have to have control of their borders and airspace. Israel controls both of those for Palestine. We’re not allowed to even have an airport. what about, the freedom to tax its population according to their abilities? Well…the PA has its hands tied for that too. It is not allowed to change or mess with the import tax and VAT. That means that Palestinians pay the same VAT and import taxes as Israelis do. Just to be clear, the average income for Palestinians is around 1200-1400 NIS, while in Israel it’s around 9000 NIS.

Hrrmm, what about citizenship? It’s a hallmark of any sovereign state to issue its own passport and issue citizenship to whoever it wants, right? The Palestinian Authority can only give passports to people Israel approves, the Palestinian Authority is not allowed to issue Palestinian citizenship to anyone.

Yes, it’s true. If you happen to be Palestinian, and fall in love with someone who is not? You’re screwed. You’ll never be able to live in Palestine with them without a million complications. Your partner will have to keep perpetually renewing tourism Visas from Israel, and usually after a while, Israel stops giving those after they discover you’re living in areas under the Palestinian Authority.

Abbas himself, the president of the Palestinian Authority, cannot travel, I repeat, he cannot travel without having sufficient permission and coordination issued by Israeli occupation authorities.

What about an army? Hah! Good joke. Only recently were our Police even permitted -yes, permitted- to carry any form of side arms.

So tell entity that cannot control its borders, its airspace, its own taxation, has no say in its own citizenship matters, and its highest office cannot travel without permission…what would you call such an entity?

Because it sure as hell isn’t a sovereign state.

And then somehow people turn around, and put this sad “Authority” on the same level as Israel? They treat both sides as equals? An occupied population and a military occupier?

The areas under the Palestinian Authority are at best Bantustans. The Transkei Bantustan in South Africa for instance, also called itself an independent and sovereign state. We all know the truth of how that was, and we all know how it ended.

~  Native American Indians Stand With Gaza ~

Palestinian people and Native Americans have been drawn by many. Speaking in San Francisco, Tony Gonzales of the American Indian Movement (AIM), ”with a common legacy of bantustans (homelands) – Indian reservations and encircled Palestinian territories – Native Americans understand well the situation of Palestinians.”


Gyasi Ross, writing “Why I, As A Native American, Support The Palestinian People,”explains the following:


As a Native person of this country, I’ve come to the conclusion that I must support the Palestinian people and the pursuit of an autonomous Palestinian state.


Although many view both Native Americans and Palestinians as “indigenous and displaced people,” this is not the reason that I feel a sense of kinship with Palestinians.


Instead, this fraternal feeling for my brothers and sisters in Gaza and on the West Bank is due to a much more basic and primal feeling of fear: the realization that what befalls one oppressed group inevitably befalls others.


Indigenous people, as well as other oppressed groups worldwide, regardless of race or religion, have a vested interest in learning from the genocidal atrocities that the U.S. government initiated on Native Americans. Every person who strives for humanity also has a strong interest in preventing those same atrocities from occurring in another place at another time to another group of people — in this particular situation, to the Palestinians.


Palestinians, like Natives, are captives in their own lands. They, too, have no place to go, no geographical recourse. Lebanon, Syria and Egypt have all shown their callousness to Palestinian people and have used them like human chess pieces against Israel.


Short on options, Palestinians, like Natives, have no choice but to continue to be a thorn in the side of the oftentimes apathetic and oppressive governments that have come to power by whatever means available.


Native American peace activists are becoming an increasingly visible presence at protests against the War in Gaza. For many, Ross’s words sum up the motivation and reasons for support.


(Article by Mike Ahnigilahi)


The West Bank is divided into three administrative divisions as per the Oslo Accords. These divisions are:

Areas A: Areas under complete Palestinian security and civil (Palestinian Authority) control. This includes the major Palestinian cities and population centers. Outside of military operations and raids, there is limited Israeli presence in this area. This area makes up approximately 18% of the West Bank.

Areas B: Areas under Palestinian civil control, and Israeli security control. Many Palestinian villages and smaller population centers fall within this area. Areas B constitute approximately 21% of the West Bank.

Areas C: Areas under full Israeli civil and security control. Areas C constitute the majority of the West Bank making up approximately 61% of the land. It is in these areas where the majority of settler activity takes place.

So you see all those orange areas on the map? You see how large they are? All the Palestinians living there live under full Israeli control in every single aspect, yet are not Israeli citizens, and have 0 rights within Israel, while their settler neighbors are considered full Israeli citizens with the full array of rights.

If that’s not Apartheid, I don’t know what is.


arogancja i pogarda wobec polskiego motłochu.





Bezczelni są i zuchwali. Prezydent Bronisław Komorowski odsłonił w Warszawie Memoriał Wolnego Słowa, a kilkadziesiąt minut później honorował Krzyżem Oficerskim Orderu Odrodzenia Polski wybranych dziennikarzy. Jak podkreślono w laudacji, odznaczenia trafiły dla „zasłużonych dla wolności słowa” dziennikarzy: Tomasza Lisa,…

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Holocaust Remembrance Day Duplicity

Holocaust Remembrance Day Duplicity

Slow-motion genocide is official Israeli policy. State-sponsored viciousness reflects it. Yad Vashem ceremonies ignored it.

By Stephen LendmanSabbah Report §

Yom HaShoah/Holocaust Remembrance Day is commemorated annually. It’s on the Hebrew calendar’s 27th day.

This year it runs from sundown April 27 to sunset April 28. Its 2013 theme is “1944: From Extermination to Liberation.”

On April 27,…

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Mr. Rosenberg’s Conundrum - An Analysis by Lawrence Davidson

Mr. Rosenberg’s Conundrum – An Analysis by Lawrence Davidson

by Dr. Lawrence Davidson

M. J. Rosenberg

Part I – Down with BDS, Up with the Two-State Solution

Michael Jay Rosenberg is a well-known, sharp-minded critic of the Israeli government. But he is also a “liberal Zionist” who believes in the legitimacy and necessity of a Jewish state. This point of view has led him to attack the BDS (Boycott Israel) movement in a recent piece, “The Goal of BDS is…

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Israel and the Apartheid analogy


“What I supported as a younger politician was exactly what the whole world now supports for Israel and Palestine, namely separate nation states will be the solution. In our case we failed. There were three main reasons. We failed because the whites wanted too much land for themselves. We failed because the majority of blacks said this is not how we want our political rights. And we failed because we became economically totally integrated. We became an economic omelet and you can never again divide an omelet into the white and the yellow of the egg. And we realized in the early eighties we had landed in a place which has become morally unjustified. “

  • F.W. De Klerk, the last president of Apartheid South Africa

So here you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. History repeats itself, and those 3 points are more true than ever in the case of Palestine.

A) Israelis are always hungry for more land, with their constant annexations and land seizing.

B) Palestinians are not satisfied with what little political rights Israel is considering handing over.

C) The economy of the West Bank, as well as Palestinian workers have been integrated into the Israeli economy, not to mention the permanent settlements and military bases erected on Palestinian lands.

It’s always amusing to me, that even after the heroes of the struggle against Apartheid (Mandela, Tutu, Kathrada..etc) as well as those supporting it (de Klerk etc.) are in unison about the situation in Palestine being similar, but you’d find a thousand western “experts” who would swear otherwise. As if they knew more about it than those who lived it all their lives.

I am confident that Israel will face the same fate.

Peace Process Hypocrisy

By Stephen LendmanSabbah Report §

Sunday so-called Israeli/Palestinian/US peace talks ended in failure. More on this below.

Fact: Washington is no honest broker!

Fact: It never was!

Fact: It’s not one now!

Fact: Longstanding US policy one-sidedly favors Israel!

Fact: Both countries conspire against fundamental Palestinian rights!

Fact: They want them entirely denied!

Fact: Especially ones…

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