anonymous asked:

Can you run Bant Panorama in a G/U commander deck?

It has no mana symbols on it, so it is Colorless in its Color Identity. It can actually be run in any EDH deck.

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How can Dr, Manhattan possibly be monoblue? He clearly believes in destiny, people don't have free will to change the future, it's all preordained. The only difference, like he said, is that he can see the strings while everyone else thinks they have free will. That seems green to me.

Fine, fine, he’s probably Bant. He believes in fate and loves structure.

always have a bit of bants with employees at all sorts of places and my frends are always trying to get us to leave bcos i take too long, i truly do extend my charm and milk it for all its got but i just enjoy making chitchat and gaging peoples reactions lmfao

Dan and Phil are like the Q and U of YouTube. Even though they are separate and can stand alone, you never see one without another. Also, even in a group of others, you can always find them right next to each other.