British Lad Culture Translated
  • Cheeky Nando’s - spontaneous decision made by a group of British fuckboys to eat some grilled chicken
  • Banter - “witty” good-humoured, teasing jokes (please notice the word “witty” is used lightly)
  • Lad - basically a fuckboy
  • Ledge - shortened form of legend, son deserves your absolute respect
  • Shank - to stab
  • Shag - to have sex
  • Chunder - to upheave one’s inner contents, i.e. to vomit
  • Archbishop of Banterbury - deity of banter, the manifestation of banter in bodily form
  • Wanker - a term of endearment if you love someone you’ll tell them by calling them this
More British Youth Memes

- Putting those gooey aliens in the microwave because someone said it would have babies.

- Everyone spraying their hair red on red nose day and it never coming out.

- Playing Crystal Rainforest instead of doing any actual work.

- ‘To me to you’.

- Learning that 'Come Outside’ was the actual name of the 'Pippin’ show.

- The constant struggle over how much a Freddo should be.

- Not being able to fit the whole Jaffa Cake in your mouth for the total eclipse.

- When tamagotchis got banned from school.

- When beyblades got banned from school.

- When crazy bones got banned from school.

- When you realised that you hated Bella from Tweenies.

- Running for the cutlery drawer and the tin foil when the Shiny Show came on.

- When you were made to cut up chocolate with a knife and fork while wearing a hat, gloves and scarf.

- Knowing what to sing when someone says 64.

- Begging your parents to go on Jungle Run.

- Respecting that kid who won Raven.

- Trying to guess what Neil was making before he was finished on art attack.

- Selling scoobies for 10p per go, 20p if it had beads.

- Brum is love…Brum is life.

- Wearing black pumps for pe at primary school and working it.

- Having wet break and getting out the box full of games that haven’t been played for 20 years.

- When bulldog got banned so you just renamed it…

- When most of your childhood toys ended up being exposed for being toxic.

summary of britain:

-dave just saved money on his car insurance and now he feels epic
-simples *meerkat noise*
-vicky pollard
-d of e
-the “I like old movies” ad
-the isle of fernandos
-losing ur nandos virginity
-lad points
-jezza kyle (top ledge)
-any type of insurance advert
-sick one m8
-elaine the pain
-there ain’t no party like an s club party
-should’ve gone to specsavers
-feeling outta place in trackies in waitrose
-such fun
-carpet right

British Year 8-11 Starter Pack Slang

This is a list I created while listening to what Year 8-11′s say in daily conversations at my school.

-Bantersaurous Rex
-Cheeky Nandos
-Init Bruv
-Shank Me
-I’ll fuck your nan
-I swear on me nans life
-Maccy D’s
-Funk you up
-Bare Cash
-Archbishop of Banterbury
-Top notch 
-U wot m8?
-Absolute wanker will fight you 1v1
-Absolute ledge
-Oi Posh twat
-On the lash
-Proper lad
-Chip butty
-Choc ice
-Your mate Steve
-Alright lads
-Laddy laddy lad lad
-Absolute wanker
-Watching Jeremy Kyle
-Quoting The Inbetweeners
-Ice Gem Hair
-The go compare man
-*churchill voice* ohhhhh yes
-#Sick bants
-Jezza Kyle
-There’s only one way to find out….fight!
-Spot on lads.
-Oi fuck off tories
I’ll add some more next week

cheeky nandos canadian translation

so ull be out playin hockey w/ ur mates and then kyle will complain hes gettin hungry and hes like sauce me that sick drink so u and ur squad gotta make ur way down 2 timmies to get some french vanillas and timbits and have some mad chirps so u guys go down with ur matchin roots sweatpants and khaki shorts w/ sperrys and backwards hockey hats and greasy ass flows then ur man chris realises he gotta go see that rocket hes currently wheelin so he tries to leave but before that ur pal spencer.. who is absolutely SAVAGE.. and a downright fuckin legend decides to chirp him real good by callin chris a fuckin duster and everyones like FUCK MAN OO KILL ‘EM SHOTS FIRED and by this point u all know that chris got roasted like a CHESTNUT and man hes REKT’D and so y'all gonna be bantin about it all the way to timmies whilst chris is out missin shots wheelin thots :/ eh.

the signs as ladz

aries “nah i fancy a cheeky nandos”

taurus: bantersaraus rex

gemini: absolute ledge

cancer: “does anybody fancy a maccers”

leo: archbishop of banterbury

virgo: that one friend called gazza

libra: top lad

scorpio: “fuk this im not paying that for a freddo”

sagittarius: extra peri peri kind of guy

capricorn: top bantz man

aquarius: ed milibanter

pisces: “wtf m8 u wonna go ay i’ll bosh ur fookn ‘ead in”

summary of britain :

-elaine the pain
-dave just saved money on his car insurance and now he feels epic
-carpet right
-dfs sales
-the “I like old movies,” couple
-sick one m8
-losing ur nandos virginity
-such fun
-vicky pollard
-greggs amirite??????
-top notch banter
-there ain’t no party like an sclub party
-feeling out of place wearing trackies in waitrose
-lad points
-should’ve gone to specsavers
-jezza kyle (ledge)
-the isle of fernandos
-d of fucking e