True success is being happy and doing what you love and feeling fulfilled. Whether that means having a family and living on a farm somewhere, or whether that means travelling the world and writing music and singing music for thousands of people. If you’re happy and living passionately, then that’s success.”

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ewgetoffofme asked:

Sorry to bother you but i am from england and dont quite understand what is happening in frankfurt, could you please explain if it isnt too much bother?

The Blockupy protest in Frankfurt coincided with the official opening of the new building of the European Central Bank. The ECB is pretty much everything that’s wrong with the EU. It’s an enormously powerful, unelected and undemocratic group of bankers and ex-wall street people that sets much of the policy in the European Union. They are the driving force behind the terrible austerity policies in much of Europe that favour paying back loans to financial institutions to keeping a functioning, social society. In this time of Austerity, where they have been actively destroying people’s lives (in Greece for example following the austerity measures the number of suicides rose by almost 40%) the ECB has built a new head-office, costing 1.3 billion Euros.

So that’s what the protests are about. They are against capitalism, against the violence that is austerity and poverty and against the stranglehold of the financial institutions over what should be a democratic system.