Why we aren't on Mars (hint: you were robbed instead)

General Motors bailout: $50,744,648,329

Bank of America bailout: $45,000,000,000

Citigroup bailout: $45,000,000,000

JPMorgan Chase bailout: $25,000,000,000

Wells Fargo bailout: $25,000,000,000

Total money given to the above companies: $190,744,648,329

The total amount of money authorized by TARP to bail out the banks was originally set at $700,000,000,000.

With the U.S. population roughly around 300,000,000 (23.3% under 18 [69,900,000 people]) that means around 230,100,000 people are 18 and paying taxes.

Divide the money issued by TARP by the number of taxpayers and you’ll find out how much money was stolen - on average - from each of us.

$700,000,000,000/230,100,000 taxpayers = $3042.16 mean average per person.

I don’t know about you but I don’t make enough as a student to be putting thousands of dollars in Bank of America’s begging hat.

Do you know how much it would take to get humanity to Mars? Just one cent for every tax dollar. On average over ten years per tax payer it’s about the price of a cup of coffee. One cup of coffee