Chapter 22



"I can’t come and get Zay this weekend." I blew out an aggravated sigh. This was the third weekend Dom couldn’t come get Zayden. Ever since he started this boxing shit again, he acts as if he just has no time. I believe he’s just doing this because of the whole Cam thing.

"You know this is the third week, right?"

"I know… I’m working plus I have a match Saturday. What you want me to do?" He uttered shuffling around with something in the background.

"You could try this new thing I’ve been hearing about … being a fucking father!" I said as I hung up. I wish I had one of those old house phones, so I could slam that shit.

"I can’t stand that…. no good…" I mumbled as I went to the door. Whoever is there is acting like they don’t have no home training. Who just sits there finger on someone’s doorbell? I opened it to see Cam’s monkey self smiling real hard.

"I could’ve sworn you have a whole key."

"I do, but I forgot it." He breathed heavily as he slapped me on my butt.

"Chill.." I said sternly.

"Is this how we gon’ do this? Any other time you be giggling and smiling in my face. Now, since you don’t have a boyfriend, you want to act funny?" 

"Stop with the dramatics. Let’s be very clear…. I don’t want you." We stood toe to toe as I felt his breath hit my face.

"You do though…"

"Stop doing that. If I say I don’t want you, then I don’t want you".

"You said you didn’t want Dom, but look how that turned out?" He said inching closer to my lips. I pushed him back as I tried to walk off. With his long legs, it didn’t take him too long to catch up with me.

"Who told you all about me and Dom anyway?"

"Tamera talked about y’all all the time. I caught a few things when I decided to listen." He smirked.

"So, instead of minding your business, you decided to throw what you think you know in my face? Tamera is in love with Dom! How do you know that half the shit she was saying was true?"

Cam looked away as he contemplated on what I just said.

"You know something… you’ve changed." I said staring directly into Cam’s eyes.

"You was all cool when you first got here. We would just play basketball or I would just help you with your homework. Now you all confident and feeling yourself."

"Me? Remember all those times you would come to my games, especially when you knew Tamera wasn’t gong to be there? It would be you and Zay cheering me on? Where was Dom then? I thought maybe you was trying to tell me something. You know… send me a sign.

I waited it out a while, but then when I moved in here, you became even more touchy and friendly.” He replied, basically mumbling.

"But… When you seen that I was all about Dom, why didn’t you back up? Don’t try and blame me for all of this?" I semi yelled.

"Let’s be real here. Why were you always coming to my games? Tamera was my girl; not you."

"I love basketball. Why wouldn’t I go to the game?" "Most people who love the game watch it whenever they can. You don’t even go as far as watching ESPN." Cam came closer as he carried this look as if everything was coming together.

"I don’t like watching it at home. Plus, I have Zay to look after."

"Don’t give me that bull, Sierra. Your mama watched him in the evenings. The only time you do something is when it’s time for him to take a bah and go to bed!" He fussed. He rubbed the back of his neck as he calmed down. I didn’t really know what to do at this point. I felt like my back was against the wall.

"Did you come to watch the games or watch me play?" He asked calmly. I knew the answer, but it was something I couldn’t come to terms with.

"Huh?" I said knowing nothing else to say.

"Lets not go there."

"Ok! I am feeling you, but I love Dom."

Cameron let out a low chuckle. He swiftly gravitated to my body as I almost lost my balance.

'You feeling him, but I'm the one you think about when you sleep at night. I'm the one you think about when you kissing him. I'm the one you think about when you're on the phone with him. I'm the one you think about when you t-“ 

"Stop it before you go too far! I love Dom and nobody else. Dom and I have a fam-" He cut me off as he grabbed my faced and placed a hard kiss on my lips. 

I’m not sure what exactly took over me, but I kissed Cam back. We continued to sloppily kiss each other as Cam picked me up and placed me on the wall. I wrapped my legs around him as our bodies connected in heat.

"What in the entire hell is going on here?"



"How may I help you?" I said welcoming a new customer. Trying to go MIA for a while, I decided that I couldn’t just stay at home. So, I went out and started looking for jobs. It didn’t take long before I got hired at the best wing place in the world, Wingstop.

"Um… what y’all got here?" I heard a familiar voice. I looked up to see Dom looking at the menu.

"Dominique, I’m not about to play with you. Order something, so I can get to my other customers." I said as I playfully rolled my eyes.

"You work here? What go dine? You gon’ give me a discount?"

"No, boy."

"See… this why we not cool now." He placed his order and took a seat. I sent it back to my manager and went to tend to the other customers. This place really doesn’t look like much, but the food is good and the pay is great.

My phone began to vibrate in my purse. I had to sneak and see who it was because if my manager caught me looking at my phone, he would fire me on the spot. He can be a real asshole sometimes.

Drake’s named flashed across the screen causing me to roll my eyes. He calls me every single day. For what? Who knows. It’s getting really annoying. He still wants to talk about that situation. To be honest, I’m really over it. I’m not with him anymore and the female he did it with isn’t up to my standards, so why still dwell in it?

"How may I help you?" I said for the umpteenth time today.

"Can I get a 10 piece combo?" A male voice asked.

"What flavors do you want, sir?"

"What would you suggest, ma?" I looked up at him to see beautiful chocolate skin and a cute smile to go with it.

"I-I-I" I stuttered like a babbling idiot.

"Take your time…" He said with a smirk. He licked over his lips and I swear to god I saw heaven’s gates. His accent was so smooth and his voice was deep. Jesus was testing me that day.

"I normally get Cajun and Lemon pepper. All the flavors are really good though." I said pushing my hair behind my ear.

"Hit me up with that then."

"Ranch, honey mustard, or blue cheese?"

"Whatever you want." I chuckled.

"It’s your order, though."

"I know, I just wanted to see you smile." My cheeks grew hot as I smiled sheepishly. He showed his pearly whites as I took his order down. He paid for the food and sat off to the side waiting for it to finish. I watched he sat texting on his phone before getting a call. He walked out to take it as it seemed to be something private.

"Looks like somebody got your nose wide open." Dom appeared scaring the hell out of me.

"He does not. I just met him."

"Yeah, and he already had you stu-stu-stuttering."

"Why are you here? I been gave you your food."

"Nigga, I had to eat it." 

"I forgot you do everything slow. You walk slow, dance slow, eat slow."

"That’s how we do it in the H, baby."

"I’ma need for you to change that, ok?" He laughed as he finally made his way out.

"Aye, who is this food for?" My manager Kevin asked.

"It’s for this guy. He left out to make a phone call." Kevin went out and looked around the entrance to come back with the same bag.

"There’s nobody out there." 

"Well, he was…" I suddenly seen a napkin laying on the counter.

Enjoy, ma.



(you better make sure you call me, too)

(I’ve supplied you with food)

(Ok, I’m done with the notes)

(Call me, though)

I laughed aloud as my manager stared at me crazy.

"I guess that food is for me boss." He shook his head and walked off.