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bangstagram asked:

Hi! I'm selling 2 tickets for the Philadelphia show on the 13th because my dad was in the hospital for a month so now he can't get off work to take my friend and I. They are section 101 row 18. If anyone is interested PLEASE message me! We really don't want to let them go to waste!

Harry Imagine for Jessica (bangstagrams)

“You almost ready babe?” Harry called from the bedroom.

“Yeah give me a sec,” You yelled back.

You were standing in the bathroom in your bathing suit, staring at your reflection. You weren’t confident with your figure and were absolutely terrified to go to the beach with Harry today. You quickly threw an oversized t-shirt, hiding most of your body. You stepped out into the room, where Harry was waiting patiently.

“I’m ready now.”

“Alright love, let’s go.”

As you arrived at the beach you saw plenty of girls who were more fit than you. They strutted past in their bikinis. You glanced up subtly, figuring he would be staring at them. But he just looked down at you, smiled and grabbed your hand. He pulled you to a quieter section. You set your bag down and sat down on the chair. After situating everything Harry leaned back in his chair, positioned next to you. You leaned back as well, shifting your glasses on your face. Your shirt was still on, pulled down covering your bottoms as well.

“Why’d you do that?”

“Do what?”

“You pulled your shirt down.”

“Did I?” You stalled, wanting to avoid the topic.

Harry turned so he was facing you, and you did the same.

“Yes, you did. You specifically lifted up and pulled your shirt as far as it would go.”



“I don’t like the way I look.” You mumbled.

Suddenly Harry was kneeled in front of you, hand wrapped around yours. His other hand tilted your face up, eye level with him.

“You’re absolutely perfect. I love the way you look. And I bet I can guarantee you everything you don’t like about yourself are the things that are my favorite part of you. I’m in love with you, no matter what.”

“But there’s so many other girls that are prettier than me and look better than me. Why don’t you love them?”

“Because they’re not you. I’m in love with you Jessica, nobody else. You’re perfect just the way you are.”

He pressed his lips against yours, mumbling an I love you against your mouth. As his lips worked against yours, his hands reached down to the ends of your shirt pulling it up. He pulled back as he yanked it over your head. Arms wrapping around your waist, he placed a soft kiss on your forehead.

“You look perfect.”

“You’re too sweet.” You muttered, crossing your arms in front of your body.

He grabbed both of your hands, pulling you behind him into the water. More girls flounced past you.

“Ignore them, they have nothing on you.”

“Thank you Harry, I love you.”

“And I love you.”

A/N: I feel like Harry would really be this kind of guy, he’s too sweet. Hope you like it, love xx