My Favorite Big Bang Quotes

Kill them with success and bury them with a big smile – G Dragon 

People think I’m arrogant. But I cry and I’m a soft person – G Dragon

Dark circles are my charisma though – Seungri 

Big Bang is the group I want to be with till I die. I want us to be five members. Forever – Seungri

I’m trying to become a person who I’ve been imagining as my hero since I was very little – TOP

Every day is a success and it moves me. The fact that I live this life every day is touching – TOP

I’d rather have a few days of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special – Taeyang

Rather than becoming the best singer, I want to become a singer with meaning  – Taeyang

People express their feelings through crying or anger. We, Big Bang, express it through music – Daesung

Anyone who is not making mistakes is not trying hard enough for their dreams – Daesung


If you’re looking for a reason why Mayim deserves an Emmy, look no further than this scene. Not only does she brilliantly play not one, not two, not three, but four distinct and very different emotions in a very short amount of time, very convincingly and very accurately, but she seamlessly transitions from one to the other in a very natural and human way. Not only is her range of acting impressive, but the ease with which she flows from one to the other is phenomenal. She doesn’t just act. She moves. You feel everything she feels. The giddy joyfulness, the confused devastation, the pained anger, the desperate frustration. You understand everything she’s feeling underneath it, everything that’s fueling every word she says. You see it in her eyes, hear it in her voice, feel it in her body language. Where is this woman’s Emmy, already?

Broken Hearts by eowynsmusings

Despite the requests of almost all members of the Company, Bilbo leaves Erebor after the Battle of the Five Armies, thinking that Thorin has moved on and that there is nothing more than an uneasy friendship between them. But the past keeps haunting him, and letters from the Lonely Mountains and visits by the dwarves keep reminding the hobbit of what once was between him and the King under the Mountain. But the hobbit is certain that Thorin has moved on, and that it is best if he stays away. Can the hobbit’s heart be swayed or will the two lovers forever be broken-hearted?

Ready your comfort drink of choice, arm yourself with food that makes you happy and then you may read.


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