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We BAP have come to this high place and drawn a little bigger dream. We are waiting for the day we change the world with our music, and the day our music is introduced to the whole world. And we are running towards that day. Before we debuted, many people have said that those words, a rookie’s ambitious spirit, are just idealized. Too many people thought that way. However, we are making them come true one by one.

At this high place, you can’t see the stars, right? But the stars right now are very beautiful.Uh? Ha~ Awesome. I have found one. That star you see there, until we become one like that, I want to make good music, become a good person, to become a musician who would inspire others to embrace their own dreams.

Thank you.

-Bang Yongguk, BAP Attack Episode 4


SECRET’s Jieun will be releasing her new solo song, and TS Entertainment has now revealed that B.A.P’s Bang Yongguk will be featured on her title song!

According to Dispatch, the song will feature an intricate story, with homosexual love, interracial love, and a love between older women and younger men. 

The song is said to be a dark one with shocking lyrics, something completely different from her regular work.

Jieun began solo activities with her debut single, “Yesterday”, and participated in numerous OSTs. She achieved #1 single charts on Gaon Charts with her second single, “Going Crazy” featuring B.A.P member Bang Yong Guk (then a trainee). 

Source: Dispatch

Jieun began solo activities with her debut single, “Yesterday”, and participated in numerous OSTs. She achieved #1 single charts on Gaon Charts with her second single, “Going Crazy” featuring B.A.P member Bang Yong Guk (then a trainee). 

Credit: Koreaboo

This is why people cant get good stuff… 

How can anyone talk about Yongguk this way… I am not saying that he is perfect or a gift from God(or whatever people say about their - bias-), cause he aint, but really …how dare you?

You as a person don’t know him as a person, you know the image of a singer.

Do you really think Yongguk doesn’t have enough money to get a tattoo,that he has to use those money, or he cant buy himself a laptop.. ? I mean really. For what the fuck does he work? He may not donate all money as he may want or how us all think he does, but who really does that, he needs to live his own life.

He becomes agressive , or is an asshole if somethng, just that he seems dosn’t mean he is or will. Again you don’t know anything about his character. If we had a report about him being in fight or beating women, manipulating other for his gain, bullying or whatever , then yes would be and agressive asshole but with proof. Until hard evidenc, he is innocent.

About  Jongup, i found it hurtful too, but he wasnt the only one who said that jongup is quite ready yet, maybe was his opinion ,maybe it was a joke and all of them were teasing Jongup, maybe he was told to say it.

About Zelo being the only one, maybe he bonded with him a bit more cause Bang and Zelo, maybe cause Himchan is forever with Jongup he feels like he should stick to Zelo. but actually i think they are quite together as a group. 

There are a lot more hurtful wrotten in there that i will not respond to, also thaks to the person who cleared the whole situation. <3

I truly didn’t want to respornd and ignore, but it hurt my feelings.

I don’t think Yongguk is perfect or a gift from God(as i said a bit higher), cause he is good as he is …a normal person,not flawless,with mistakes, i find him an inspiration, a person whom i can look up to.. So i hate to see his name thowned like that.

anonymous said:

This fucking people, I swear to you I can not believe what the fuck I just read. I only remember Youngjae saying that fans didn't undertood badman cause they were young so they were going to have to change his music. Way to distort stuff guys.


Seriously, I can get hella technical if I wanted to. That BS of a post is just chock full of things taken way out of context plus everyone being a bunch of hypocrites. I’m fighting the urge to track down their points and prove them wrong.

Like Aly wrote in her anon reply, no one is saying Yongguk is perfect. NO ONE is perfect EVER. The reason why I’m getting so defensive, as I’m sure with a lot of other fans, is because they’re taking things that aren’t true (we have no proof that he did the things they claim he did) or they’re taken out of context to make him seem like an asshole. They so quick to judge him for being a human being it’s ridiculous.

Seriously if everything Yongguk does rubs you the wrong way, then get out of the fandom. Don’t look up news on him, photos of him, updates on him. Leave him and the fandom alone. We don’t need anymore of that negative shit, life is hard as it is.