Okay, I’ll have the chicken arakkoa then.

So these guys are… crazy. They’re pretty big, standing up to 10 feet tall, and they are very, very hostile and aggressive. Usually they live in small clans, with one male as their leader, and his son as his successor. 

Everything in their lives revolves around fighting and proving themselves, and it includes hunting dangerous beasts, waging war on other clans and other arakkoa - or, for that matter, any other race, and duels to the death, sometimes between members of the same clan. Both males and females are encouraged to do that. Battle scars are also viewed as something to be proud of.

These arakkoa prefer to keep thins simple when it comes to clothing and armor, although it depends on the clan. 

They also make great mercenaries as they’ll go anywhere and do anything as long as it involves killing things.