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This was a lot of hard work over several days, I’m quite happy with it and I hope you guys really enjoy it. I have no blood, bone, or ash left after putting all I could muster into it haha! It was a very emotional piece for me to create and it has my entire heart in it. (I won’t lie, I cried. A LOT LOL)

Commentary/Explanation on Characters and Panels here:

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(Please read if you have the time; I would really appreciate it. I feel it gives a good insight to certain aspects of what I’ve created here that one wouldn’t really understand otherwise. Thank you with much, much love!)


[K the 4koma] 32. Call from Akagi

Izumo: You look like you’re panicking but… a phone call from Shohei?
Saburota: Kusanagi-san! That guy, just now marched into the enemy’s hideout! Even though he’s only supposed to be scouting…

Saburota: Curses! Diving head first into trouble again… He’s always like that! Even in elementary school, just because he didn’t like them, he’d go against the bullies from the upper grades…

Kosuke: Well then Kusanagi-san, we’ll be off.
Eric: Hey, let’s go.
Saburota: In the end I had to go help… wait, going? Where to?

Kosuke: Where to…
Eric: Obviously to help our friend right?
Saburota: Y-You guys!!