I met Scott Kennedy from Bleed From Within at the Bury Tomorrow gig last night and he kissed my head n was being flirty but it was really cute n made me smile so much, we hugged and got this picture together

I also met Dan Winter-Bates of Bury Tomorrow, he signed my ticket and hugged me before I left, thanking me for supporting them the full time I was standing with him.

I met Charlie Holmes of Heart In Hand too, they were supporting Bury Tomorrow. they were great live, he was also thanking me for checking out their band etc

them I met Adam from Bury Tomorrow, he asked if I enjoyed the show and if we wanted photos ertc and I was like OF FUCKING COURSE the he smiled, hugged me and got this photo.


New bandd

So unfortunately I haven’t been in all week but i’ve been told that, I’m in a band with Jodie, Jack, Marley, Ruby and Andy. I’m a fast learner so i’m sure i’ll pick up where they have left off next week :)))