I am extremely careful with guys I go on dates with lately. 
I ask them the most odd things that make them think twice about asking me out again. 
Instead of asking them about their family, what course are they taking up in college, their childhood, their favorite band, what movie do they cry to, or what makes them smile. 
I ask them what they think about mermaids, and what they would do to sneak out at night, what makes them cringe, how many pies can you eat until you puke your guts out, would they kiss a girl who was ugly crying, would you clean after your dog’s shit, have they ever masturbated and wiped off their cum on someone else’s shirt, how many things have they stolen in a year, have they ever yelled at an asshole in a 5 star restaurant. 
They always look at me oddly and chuckle and think of me as a ‘bro’. 
But it never really bothered me. 
I mean, why not skip the awkward hand holding and the meaningless questions. Let’s get deep with the weird ass questions and see how drunk you get tonight that I have to take you home. 
I wanna know how a guy could fall in love with me. 
Not with my smile or the way my eyes are going to light up when you say a funny joke. 
Not at prom in a dress I vowed I’d never wear. 
Or with make up I promised I’d never try on. 
Not with our late night talks and my constant compliments and my admiration towards you. 
Fall in love with me when I sing you songs. 
When I write you poems and read it to you out loud. 
Fall in love with me through the movies I fall in love with. 
The coffee and hot chocolate I make when it rains
When the sun beams on a Sunday morning and I’m just getting ready for bed. 
Fall in love with the way I talk about my obsessions. 
The smell of cookies in my parents’ house. 
The lullabies I put in a playlist for my little brother to sleep to. 
The times I’ve been caught sneaking into a bar or a concert. 
My intoxicated nights telling you every truth my heart ever wrote. 
When I get jealous and don’t speak. 
When I look at myself in the mirror and hate myself. 
Fall in love with the books I get excited about. 
The leading woman in an old indie film I fell for. 
The puppies that make my heart warm. 
And the pancakes I make in the morning and the pizza I order at night. 

Through these things, you will find genuine and warm love. 
My looks won’t make you feel less. 
It will be normal to see me in dresses and make up and high heels and skirts and flowers in my hair. 
You’ll like me at my worst because it will make you feel more like home.
If it’s challenging and risky and you’re iffy about it, I suggest you look for someone who’s easier to read like a film that just came out. 
Because I am film.
I’m a book that you have to read twice or thrice to understand me.

—  ugh

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a captain ronald speirs mix; for the devil dog of easy company, battered cigarettes and whispered rumors.

01. arsonist’s lullaby hozier 02. devil’s right hand johnny cash 03. ghost town radical face 04. young man dead the black angels 05. graceless the national 06. did you hear the rain? george ezra 07. broken bones chvrches 08. iron woodkid 09. pumped up kicks foster the people 10. the devil takes care of his own band of skulls 11. wires the neighbourhood 12. this isn’t control msmr


how the heck do you even draw cannons (aka i did a thing with a Digimon-ified Aigis, yes, this’ll definitely be colored on my tablet ASAP I promise)

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