To all the musicians whose parents don’t/won’t support them in their art:

Hang in there. Don’t give up your dreams and your hopes. You are not a bad musician for not being able to take lessons b/c your parents don’t support you. Go on, try out for that conservatory you really want to go to! Go on, audition for that one group you really want to be part of! Continue doing what you love, no matter what your parents want you to do. It’s YOUR DREAM. It’s YOUR LIFE. Not theirs. You weren’t put on this earth to do what your parents want you to do–you must do what you want to do. So yes, go for it! You are no lesser of a musician than those fortunate enough to be able to have lessons. Take pride in what you do, don’t let ANYONE stop you. You are a musician. That’s who you are. 


I will be holding a band merchandise giveaway for bands I no longer listen to. There will be two winners. The first winner may choose three shirts and three CDs. The second winner may choose two shirts and two CDs. The winner that responds first, may choose their items first.


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- Small Pierce The Veil Shirt 

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- Breaking Benjamin Phobia CD

- Fall Out Boy Save Rock and Roll CD

- Pierce The Veil Collide with The Sky CD

- Pierce The Veil Collide with The Sky CD/Documentary 

- Sleeping With Sirens With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear CD

- Of Mice & Men Restoring Force CD

- I will reblog your selfies and some of your posts

(sorry that the sizes are very limited, but it’s free so)