I did a thing!
Hey look!

Also, yes my phone calls me Banana Masti Masti. Because it didn’t understand that I am the Banana Master.
Siri may be set in Australian but we can safely assume that it’s not just an aboriginal thing. Banana Masti Masti out! ✌️


My morning began early with bad news: the YMCA here discontinued masters swim.
I’ll keep going, because 5am is the best time for me to go, but knowing I’ll be at it without the community that was there will be tough.
That guy up in the lane next to me was pretty much the only other person there

So steel cut oats and Greek yogurt and a banana made me much happier at breakfast time

The Little Chef Who Could

My Masterchef-in-the-Making Kiddo

Honey French Toast Recipe One of her favorite breakfast foods served with fresh fruits. Before my Bug turned into a little masterchef-in-the-making I didn’t plan on teaching her how to cook or bake anything at such an early age __3 years old??? What?  In fact it never even crossed my mind.  This entire cooking frenzy kind of just…

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