"Mommy Mommy! Bedtime story please!!"
  • Bonnie:Okaay okay! Get in the bed.
  • [Sitting on the edge of the tiny toddler bed, she continues]
  • Bonnie:This is the story of how I died. It happened awh-
  • Kid:It's just make believe, right mommy?
  • Bonnie:...Not exactly baby
  • Kid:.....
  • Bonnie:Ok. Well it was way before I me--
  • [The door creaks opens. In walks Damon with a small plush black bird toy.]
  • Damon:Give her the condensed version.
  • [Finally he reaches toddler bed. He stares at Bonnie expectantly.]
  • Bonnie:.... sighs.....
  • Damon:For Elena. The End.
  • [hands over the toy to the tiny girl who happily takes it]
  • Damon:Now, go to bed.
  • Kid:Mommy, I--
  • Bonnie:You heard Daddy. Time for bed.
  • [They both kiss her forehead and turn out the lights before they leave, hand in hand.]
  • Bonnie [whispers] :You didn't tell her about how you saved me.
  • [whispers as he closes the door behind them]
  • Damon:It ...was...
  • He makes a show of slowing winking at his wife and smirking.
  • Both:"For Elena"
  • they share a kiss to end another night they have together, thanks to a very "selfless" friend.
  • endless laughter ensues.