“I can not look at Carol and see any “sexualness”. It weirds me out when people want her to be sleeping with Rick or Daryl or whoever else, because she acts like such a mother to the group. The platonic relationship between Daryl and Carol, is familial… it’s like the mother he never had, so for people to start talking about sex or romance, feels very awkward and gross”


so um this movie is going to be amazing and basically if u dont know about it already, its called Carol and its coming out later this year and it stars Cate Blanchett + Rooney Mara as two ladies who fall in love in 50s New York and the book it’s based off is famous for being the first lesbian pulp fiction that gave the characters a hopeful ending and not dying or going insane or something (this was due to censorship bullshit) it also stars sarah paulson so???? whats not to like about this entire film?????

“When people say Carol lost all her warmth and kindness I can’t help but roll my eyes. Yes, she’s built a wall around her, because anyone should be smart enough to figure out that watching four children, who were/ were like her own, die is traumatising. The fact that she still didn’t look away when she realised Sam and Jessie were being abused makes it obvious enough that she does, in fact, still care. If you want to hate her, come up with something that actually makes sense.”

                             ok I just adore Carol in this scene.

While everyone else is looking to Rick for leadership/for wisdom/for direction, she immediately turns to Daryl and asks, “Does this seem right to you?

She asks because she genuinely trusts and believes in the man that no one else has really seen in Daryl. The man inside that is so very vivid to her. She seeks his opinion because she actually and truly values it. She gives Daryl the worth that no one has bothered to at this point. Something he didn’t/doesn’t even see in himself.  (“You’re every bit as good as them.”)

The only other person that came close to doing the same thing at this point in time was Dale who sought Daryl’s opinion on Randall two episodes earlier but had Dale been without that motivation (an attempt to save Randall’s life) who knows if he would have approached Daryl at all.

Carol did without hesitation. Because it was not only something she thought she saw in him, but something she knew in her bones. And had known from the beginning.

                                       Just as he does her…

                    Yet another reason this ship sails its fucking self.