TWD Season 5 “Consumed” 506 

Daryl: “I bet this cost some rich prick a lot of money. Looks like a dog sat in paint, wiped its ass all over the place.”

Carol: “Really? I kinda like it.” 

 Daryl: “Stop.” 

 Carol: “I’m serious…”You don’t know me.” 

 Daryl: “Yep, you keep tellin’ yourself that.” 

 ***Staaahp With the Adorableness***

"I used to ship Caryl but I don’t anymore because I realized after all of this time if Caryl was going to happen it would. There is no romance there and I see now that there never has been. The last thing that either need right now is a relationship and even if they were ready it wouldn’t work because there’s nothing there. They’re not right for each other. It’s more of a family love than anything else."