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CREDIBLE sources on censored mars photos please?

I can’t give you a source for the photo itself because I didn’t post it, but a NASA contractor named Donna Hare admitted in an interview that NASA airbrushes UFO’s out of photos before releasing them to the public. Here’s the video that talks about it..

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i meant black comedy :x

Oh. I don’t like black people comedy because it lacks in substance.

It’s the same jokes.

  • Black folk do it “dis”/White people do it “this”
  • Remember when yo [family member here] did this?
  • Overly proper white person impersonation
  • Wild descriptive rants on sex
  • Church
  • Po'lice
  • Being po’
  • Eating Pussy
  • Bush Jokes
  • Obama Being black
  • Overly done jokes on current events

Any joke that’s been on either Comic View or Def Comedy Jam are the most tired over did jokes ever. What made me say it was I watched Eddie Griffin’s Voodoo Child. Smh He did all of that in the first 15 mins.

Black folk comedy is just tired. There are exceptions but still.

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but iman omari is still kinda dirty imo…

Dirty is quality. We need that different shit back

Jodeci was dirty too back then. If you look at what was out compared to them in the RnB genre he’s that but less sexual.

Erykah Badu too.

Iman Omari is over half of the current RnB acts out now….

So he’s better than…..current gen/post crisis Usher, Chris Brown. (Yep)….and Drake or Trey Songz whenever they’re not rapping.

The other side…..the good side….Frank and Whiny Weekend.

He has good music it’s just his voice is whiny…..I want it-spoiled kid-whiny….

Oh to add last night’s question of what’s the difference between a Producer and Beatmaker…..I  really don’t know. Some answers I disagree with some I do. For some reason I get really exhausted thinking of a good answer for this question but it’s all suggestive for the moment. 

The motivation though was I was trying to figure out if I was a Producer or Beatmaker.

I feel from the answers given and my body of work that I’m a producer despite how the music’s created or composed. I PRODUCE great noise. I create that’s what I do whether I create the elements or sample them.

That goes for any other music creator out there.

Labels aside.  

I might not know what I am right now but I do recognize that I have a gift.

Thanks guys for answering.

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attraction is a lot of biology at work…thats why people shouldnt be too upset when someone isnt attracted to them…

What if the attraction is as fickle as today’s trends?

You have sooo many people claiming their not into looks but they then suddenly have preferences? That’s a constant contradiction I see folk do.

It’s like what are you even into?
Obvious it isnt me but damn that shit is confusing and misleading.

This also may be fucked up but it’s also a tad frustrating is the circle of

Alright looking guy chasing alright looking girl who’s chasing hot unattainable guy or weird looking detached guy.

I don’t know just lamenting and showing the other side of this blog I havnt shown in months.   

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thats how i feel about anything out of the box :/ people arent afraid to try new things…the least they could do is just listen to it and then ignore it >


What further eats me is that most of the folk I follow, follow other producers. I’m a fan of those producer too but it be time they’ll post some hot mess and get 10000000000 notes where I’ll get 2 listens. smh.

Damn I aint asking for dick riders I’m just asking for a chance.

I’m passionate about my shit. That’s why I’m emotional lmao

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so black comedy…butnot all black comedians right? i saw this comedian at a friends house and he just made fun of his family and interactions with women michael winslow is funny too :x

Yea the genre more over. The subject matter is tired.

Black Comedy like Louie CK, Patrice O'neal or Jim Norton that shit is timeless.

Real pain made those jokes there.

Richard Pryor and George Carlin are the gods of that style.