1. I have been posting 90% my own shit lately, but honestly, I just have a lot to share. I need to stop feeling guilt about it, I mean that’s why you’re here and besides it’s not like we all don’t scroll past each other so fucking fast that we barely catch a thing. 

  2. Current events are depressing, polarizing, I don’t feel qualified to speak on most of it, and it’s painful enough to read, I don’t want to be the guy that reminds you of how awful everything in the world really is sometimes. I keep writing posts and deleting them. There is a lot, my tumblr feed is very death-heavy, I think it’s good to stay current and I am current, but also, sometimes I miss just looking at cute selfies of everyone.

  3. My social life is nice and fun and I am happy to have friends in different places, but I definitely work a lot. Too much. Work is getting me down. When I am not in the office I am keeping busy with my little stuff, I plan weekends around the post office and other projects. But I’m headed to Baltimore with my boyfriend this long weekend and am very excited for that. I actually haven’t been since February and that is the longest stretch since I moved to New York.

@Bntheloop Recap: Keenan x Flow Cook up “The Mixx” Festival For The City.

As the culture grows in my city it is inevitable that the music grows with it and The Mixx being a reflection of that. Although we only broke into one layer of the festival (Due to good ole’ BCPD) this marks a great day for the city of Baltimore. Right across from Morgan State the aroma of food & loud bass pulled you in, weather you came for the Beautiful woman, the outlining food trucks or drinks or any of the handpicked artist on the bill or all thee above you enjoyed yourself. With a electric performance from Dc’s Visto to a unmatched stage owning performance from hometown favorite Scoota “The Mixx” team did what need to be done keeping the culture in Baltimore city evident. This here reverses The Wire drawn Heroin capital written wrap for the city, nothing violent about endless crowd selfies, or turning up to your favorite radio jam or even smoking up. This is Baltimore,this is love, this is the future! #DontShoot

Photo Credit: @Dvnlln (Devin Allen)

Performances by: Dee Dave, Visto, Pop, Lor Scoota, Malik Farruad, Maya Milan + More


Artistic Director Katie Hileman is One to Watch in Baltimore Style's fall arts preview, on newsstands now!

And she’s in good company with Danny Gavigan, newest Resident Company Member at Everyman Theatre, and Ryan Hasse of Stillpointe Theatre Initiative.

"I like plays that are a little weird, but grounded in the acting work. It keeps things theatrical and interesting."

You will indeed find us at Charm City Fringe this November, however, due to an issue with rights, we will no longer be producing The Aliens by Annie Baker. Stay tuned for the announcement of our new show soon!