Dear White People, Baltimore Uprising is NOT a Parade! P.s. #FuckYoFlag


Baltimore Police Officer Calls For Community And Cops To Come Together, Tells Demonstrators: ‘I’m Here For You’

BALTIMORE – In the days since thousands of protesters in Baltimore, Maryland have declared black lives matter and demanded an to end police brutality, one officer is reminding her community that working together is the only way to move forward.

Sgt. K Glanville spoke to demonstrators Saturday night during a block party that was held on a day where massive crowds participated in afestive rally in the city. Revelers rejoiced following State Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby’s Friday announcement of criminal charges against the six officers involved in the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray. Gray died on April 19 from a severe spinal cord injury he sustained while in police custody. Read on for more about Sgt. K Glanville here. 


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This is why we scream #BlackLivesMatter because to the Police we don’t. This picture just baffles me. Instead of watching the fight I was watching live streams of #Baltimore and the people breaking curfew. The white protesters were given such calm warnings. Even one cop told some white protesters “I really don’t want to arrest anyone tonight, please go home.” Nope not to the black ones I sat there and watched on this livestream cops pepper spray people who were trying to go home, just because. It’s not over in Baltimore don’t let the media distract your attention.

“I am trying to get people to come on one accord under the centralized belief that we all must understand that we are human beings at the end of the day. With that being said when lives are lost unjustly we must stand in solidarity. If as people we fail to stand together in the midst of casualties that are unjustified we cannot progress forward and will be stricken with clashes and conflict. I also tie in the argument of not being anti police but being pro accountability.” – Dariel Ali, seen on the subway in Brooklyn, NY.


This is what those “activists”, the self serving false martyrs, those who spread an ideology of perpetual victimhood don’t want you to see.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by the archaic childlike fantasy of “rebels” vs “the empire” because it just isn’t reality.


Officers had a COMMUNITY meeting w/ white protestors. They requested them to go home for safety reasons, even OFFERED rides home. Where ass a black protestor gets ABDUCTED, BEATEN and ABUSED for disobeying curfew “laws”. NO MATTER HOW PEACEFUL, they will STILL find a reason! There is STILL an Uprising. I am STILL Baltimore!!! ✊✊✊