jeanprouvair said:

so i get the whole vegan thing, i really do. i would go vegan if it werent for how impractical it is. it wouldnt work in my family setting now, but im planning on switching when i move out. but i have to argue a point or two: cows milk is produced by rape... seriously? Cows produce milk whether or not they've been pregnant lately. they have to be milked, otherwise their udders would basically explode.

Well, it’s cool you’re planning on going vegan, but there’s clearly still a lot you don’t know about the animal industry. But at least you’re questioning it, most people won’t even bother to do that.

In order to impregnate a cow, the “farmers” have to restrain the cow in what they themselves refer to as a “rape rack.” The cows are chained up and restrained while the dairy farmer inserts their entire arm into their rectum to hold the uterus in place, then they simultaneously insert a long instrument into the cow’s vagina to artificially inseminate them. The cows will generally bellow or moan and cry because they’re in extreme discomfort. Now, I don’t know about you, but I would absolutely consider chaining someone down and inserting multiple objects into someone to be rape. Just because it isn’t two humans doesn’t mean it isn’t forcible sexual assault.

Cows only produce milk after they’ve had a baby, the same way humans do. Humans don’t produce breast milk without giving birth, and neither do animals. We’ve simply been taught since young to view cows as some sort of commodity who exist solely to produce milk for us, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

They also do not have to be milked. They need to get the milk out of their bodies, yes, simply because dairy farmers have stolen their calves away from the mothers. It’s painful if they are not milked only because cows are denied access to their babies who should be nursing from them. The calves are the ones who are supposed to be drinking the milk, not people. Think about that for a second. Do you really think that an animal would be born with a naturally occurring body function that they completely rely on humans for? Cows are not walking milk machines for humans. They produce milk for their young, just like every other mammal, and they only do so when they’ve just given birth.

So now you also have to consider what happens to all of those calves. A selection of the female calves will be kept and raised to become dairy calves just like their mothers. But given the excess amount of calves, many of the females will be discarded like trash just like the males. The calves are generally either killed and thrown away, or they’re sold to become veal calves as a means for the “farmers” to profit off of these animals once more. The veal industry was created by the dairy industry specifically so that all of these “waste product” calves could be sold for money.

If you haven’t seen the kind of stuff I’m talking about, you should watch some footage from dairy farms like these: Ohio veal investigation | Texas dairy calf “disposal” methods | Ohio dairy farm footage | Mercy for Animals dairy calf rescue (This last one is significantly less graphic, and it’s a super cute story. It’s really informative though.)

The dairy industry is nothing short of sick and perverse, and it’s perhaps the cruelest industry of them all because of how many lives are impacted just for the sake of one single product.