“Hey, Dad! Burgers are al…most…” You snapped your mouth closed, seeing two new figures in the kitchen. Your lips twitched into an awkward smile as you waved and said, “Uh…hi?”

“Hello,” Sam said, staring at you. Dean, however…

“Dad?” He asked, looking between you and Bobby. “As in, father-daughter? As in…biological?”

“Balls…” Bobby sighed, shaking his head. “Boys, this is my daughter, Y/N. Y/N, this is Sam and Dean. They’re John’s boys.”

You nodded before smiling, a little shy. “S-So, I’m making burgers but, uh, Sam you’re a vegetarian right?” Sam nodded in response to which you hurried to the fridge. There, you pulled out some tofu. “I’m not really sure how to cook it though.”

“I can help,” Sam said, smiling softly as you lead him out the door.

“Idjit better not try anything with her,” Bobby growled a bit. Dean just smiled, shock having finally settled.

–Might do a multi-shot for a bit of Sammy love :) –