ballpoint pen



Ballpoint pen drawing of Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney. This drawing was suggested by one of my youtube subscribers, asking me to draw the blue kit also. Although Rooney has not had the greatest season in the premier league, He is still one of Man Utd most important players.


Jaume Montserrat is a fine artist from Barcelona, Spain. He is graduated in applied arts at Massana School after six months in Hanzo University Fine Arts in the Netherlands and currently student at Enlightenment School Llotja. Jaume is interested in nature, society and travels and drawing is his way to interweave those three worlds.


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Small landscapes watercolor studies from my Tiger sketchbook, done back in July while I was in Trentino- the weather changes very quickly up on mountains tho so it caused me to leave a lot of these unfinished (and I also got sunburnt). I really love this place, I wish I could go there every summer.

Jesse at work - inktober 5

Made with black, red, pink and blue ballpoint pens + white acrylic paint pen.

Yo, Jesse my old friend, it’s been a while that I didn’t deal with him.
This one took way longer than my other inktober drawings - I initially planned to make quick sketches but, oh well, it seems that my love for details is stronger! Plus the reference picture was too much interesting that it worsted to spend several hours on it. I mostly worked like on my pencil drawings - The technique with ballpoint pen is all about pressure on the nib, gently for light shading, strong for dark and to keep a similar stroke. But I had to be very careful too because ink blob could happens in any moment… Otherwise, I had fun and great improvement, but now, I don’t feel the need to keep going inktober, I think it’s a good way to achieve it.