writerchick01 asked:

Any suggestions for an AST nautical/little mermaid recruitment theme?

Yes, I have some under the sea inspiration on my blog! Please go to my blog homepage and enter the words “under the sea” to see bid day ideas and decorations. Also search the words “little mermaid” for more ideas. 

"Under the Sea with AST" would be a perfect slogan for your recruitment. "Darling it’s better wearing our letters" is another popular phrase sororities to use. Banners, decorations, food, tee shirts, name tags and more are super cute with an under the sea theme. It’s probably one of the easiest ones to work with. Think about all the elements you can use throughout your recruitment and have fun! xoxo ;) 

• Under the Sea sugar: 

  • mermaids
  • seaweed 
  • starfish
  • seahorses
  • fish
  • jellyfish
  • bubbles
  • water
  • shells
  • for AST - anchor/nautical 
  • octopus
  • coral
  • fishnets
  • pearls
  • clams
  • sand
  • crabs
  • dolphins

• More inspiration from Pinterest