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 shanghai-ohmy said: The phrase “mad blowin game” has never been applied to anything other than dicks before, congrats.

uh-oh looks like someone’s jealous of my mad blowin game

you will meet your demise at the foot of my EMPIRE OF AIR


George Zisiadis is one of those people everyone should know.  I was lucky to meet him a year or so ago.  George’s view on the world is bloody inspiring and every time I see this man I feel inspired to make some cool shit.

He is tops.

Good to see him become one of the “New Alphas”.  Here is the interview on Daily Beast


On Saturday I fulfilled a childhood dream. I danced in a room filled floor to ceiling with balloons!!! Three guys hosted this Balloonacy at an art gallery in San Francisco. They had received a $1000 grant from The Awesome Foundation, the local sponsor of awesomeness - AND BOY WAS IT AWESOME!!! Free and open to the public, Balloonacy attracted quite a crowd. There was a line out the door and around the corner; we waited more than an hour for this experience. But waiting isn’t so bad when you’re with friends, and when we finally made it inside we instantly understood that it was worth it. The room was dark and there were tiny lights in some of the balloons, and music was bumping. PURE JOY is all I could feel. 

If it were up to me, this would happen all the time. Well, not this exactly, because that would be a huge waste of plastic…but events like this! Where the whole community comes to experience something fun and joyful and amazing, just for the hell of it. And for free! Yes. More, please.

Also, since part of the purpose of this blog is to show you how easy it is to have fun and have good clothes without spending money on new things, I should inform you that my shirt, sweater, necklace, and earrings were all previously owned by someone else, and I acquired them all extremely cheaply. I bought the sweater from Goodwill for $5.50. It has gold plastic buttons that don’t show up in any of the photos, but I love it. The necklace is the head of a lion that I found at a garage sale for maybe $1? The tank is originally Banana Republic and I bought it from Buffalo Exchange for $8 - I wear it far too often. The earrings were my grandmothers & are just simple wooden squares.

All of the photos (except for the ones of Sam) were taken by Sam.



What did you today? #balloonacy #balloon #danceparty @lovegreg (at Balloonacy)


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