Goodbye Miss South America!
  • It had been 12 hours since I stepped out of my door, went from job A, and all the way to job B. Suddenly, on my way back there is this peculiar group of children staring at me. I am listening to Yann Tiersen and it crosses my mind that I could have forgotten to wear pants so, I discreetly check with my right hand and it is confirmed, I am wearing clothes. Panic is interrupted by a loud request:
  • Group of children in unison:Excuse me, Excuse me!
  • Girl:Hola!
  • At this point I am still wearing my headphones but who can say no to a clearly pronounced 'Hola'? - So I took off the headphones, kept walking and responded:
  • Wendy:Hola!
  • Girl:Excuse me, missus... where are you from?
  • Wendy:Where do you think?
  • Boy:Taiwan!!!
  • [giggling and still walking slowly] Wendy:Neeeh
  • Boy2:China!
  • [still walking away] Wendy:Nop
  • [Very loud] Girl:India?!?!
  • [now a few meters away] Wendy:Noooo
  • Girl:Germany!... India, no?
  • Wendy:No, no. Come on, try another one.
  • Boy2:Russia!!! yes, Russia!
  • [everybody can hear our dialogue, it is very loud] Wendy:Don't think so
  • Boy:Japan???
  • [saying goodbye with a hand gesture and certainly far away] Wendy:Noooo
  • [shouting] Girl:Missus, where are you frooooom?
  • Wendy:Mexico!
  • Children in unison:Wooooooooooooooow!
  • Girl:You are so cool!
  • Just right in front of me a stunning landscape, I smile surprised and proud of the nice comments and then the girl adds:
  • Girl:Goodbye Miss South America!!
  • Arrived home, getting a good laugh for free. God bless Ireland.
Fr. Charlie Hoey, Vocations Team

Charlie Hoey joined the Carmelites in 1982. He completed his novitiate in Kinsale in 1983, and moved to Gort Muire, Ballinteer, where he commenced his studies at the Milltown Institute. He completed the Bach. Phil in Philosophy and a Diploma in Theology, and was ordained in 1989.

Since his ordination, Charlie has worked in various ministries, including school chaplaincy, prison chaplaincy. Charlie is currently based in Whitefriar Street, where he is Parish Priest, Director of the Community Centre, and is a Board member of the Care After Prison programme. Charlie is also a member of the current Provincial Council.


Fr. Éanna Ó hÓbáin, Vocations Team

Éanna Ó hÓbáin joined the Carmelites in 1985. His first year was spent as a novice in Kinsale and then in 1986 he moved to Gort Muire, the Carmelite Student House, in Ballinteer. In 1989 Éanna became a member of the Terenure College Community where he worked full time for a year before resuming his studies in Milltown Institute. He completed a Bacc. Phil. in Philosophy and a B. D. in Theology. Éanna was ordained in 1993.

Having completed studies in education he continued teaching in Terenure College. In April 2000 he was appointed Principal of the Secondary School. In June 2013 Éanna moved to Knocklyon Parish where he is the Prior of the Community and Parish Priest. He is involved in youth ministry and is one of the directors of the annual pilgrimage to Lourdes.