Anonymous asked ro-taniah: Hi! I was wondering if you could design and draw a Ballgownstuck Crocker-Tier Jane? I really love your art, and if I had any money I would definitely buy some of your art. Hopefully after Christmas I can! Okay, bye now. c:

Last drawing of 2013???? FIRST DRAWING OF 2014? I CAN’T DECIDE also, thank you sweetie uvu i hope you had a wonderful christmas and holiday!

This is my tentative base design for Ballgownstuck Vriska.

The bottom is a white fluffy skirt, with a spiderweb boning design. I think it’s called a petticoat?? The over skirt swoops over part of the front of the petticoat, and into the back. It’s colored cobalt blue. The front of the over skirt would have a spiderweb lace overlay. The top would be a lighter blue, or white, with a sweetheart neckline and a Scorpio sign appliqué. The lines underneath the sign is where the boning would be. The very top has a lace fringe, either black or white. The flower thing would be Vriska’s god tier colors, with the Light symbol on it. I can’t draw shoes, but I think red pirate boots would work the best. I can’t decide if I wanna add one of those things that are sorta like a short fancy jacket? What are they called? I dunno. But I can’t decide if I wanna add one or not.

Uh oh, the BallGownStuck Rose Lalonde fanart I just reblogged looked to me for a moment like Annabeth Chase from PJO, now I want to know titles for all the PJO characters. I think Annabeth would be a seer, because she’s intelligent and a strategist.