Gareth Bale had an Exclusive Interview with Cadena SER’s “El Larguero” January 28 , 2015 (x)

“I still don’t understand that much Spanish and I prefer to not look at the media. I don’t think they know me that well yet. I’m focused on my play, on football. I prefer not to listen to the critics. At home, we don’t talk about what they say about me. I try not to be that aware of whats going on in the press. Not here or anywhere. Being at Real Madrid, I understand that there’s tremendous media attention and we have to live with it.”

“I like to drop back and help the defense in a 4-3-3 and then move back up to with Cristiano and Benzema when we’re on the attack. It’s my style. I like to play in every position in the attack. I feel comfortable in any position, left, right, centre and give my all for my team .Sign for Manchester United? No. I’m very comfortable here. I’m very happy here, I have 4 ½ years left on my contract and I want to stay here winning titles with this team, in Real Madrid.

”I feel happy with the support from the fans. I hope I can continue working hard to win as many titles as possible. I just want to work hard on the pitch and they love me for that. I love playing at home, the crowd pushes us to attack, to score more goals, which is what I like. Every time I play at home is emotional.

about his not passing to Cristiano “The people have their opinions, it’s their jobs. On the pitch I give assists and score goals. I play my way and that’s how I like it, the press can say what they wan. “If I’d scored [after not passing to Cristiano] nobody would’ve said anything. I didn’t see Cristiano. I thought it was a difficult pass. These things happen in football. These things have happened many times before on the pitch, with many teams. They are things that happen on the pitch. I didn’t speak to Cristiano about the play.  Read More 


Cristiano really didn’t want Bale to be jeered when he reacted angry because Bale didn’t pass the ball last Saturday.

“Madrid fans are always the same, they are very intense, they show what they feel, they aren’t liars.

"But I think the things with Gaz will be normal because they know that Gaz is a very important player for us, a key player.

"What happened on Saturday is in the past, sometimes I commit mistakes too so it’s part of the business, part of football. I think the people will be nice with him and they should be nice with him.”

Cristiano calls Gareth ‘Gaz’ ♥