So….lately I’ve come across a few pictures of a new hair technique for men battling hair loss. It’s quite literally a quick weave for men..

..Yes..a quick weave for men.

Based on the photos, I’m assuming that a hair piece is glued onto the scalp, then cut and shaped into the desired style. I think it’s pretty innovative, and the stylist who worked on the men pictured above did a great job.

I know not all ladies will be on board with the idea of a weave for men, but I think we should keep an open mind. Caucasian men have been rocking toupées, wigs and turning to remedies such as Just For Men for years. On the other hand.. when it comes to balding black males, we urge them to “let it go” and embrace their baldness fully. Why can’t they have an alternative too?

I personally see no issue with it, as long as I’m informed prior to any relationship pursuits. It would be an extremely awkward bomb to drop any later than that.

What do you guys think? Yes? Hell no? Maybe so?

Watch on baldingmen.tumblr.com

Dean Norris, Breaking Bad


name: rose star
age: 17 (but looks 13!)
height: tall
weight: skinny
SHSL: stargazer XD
likes: stars, the color pink, pocky, japan, japan culture, being cute, nice people :3
dislikes: mean people, her evil side 
fears: fearless!
personality: nice, cute sweet
rose may seem cute and sweet but she actually has an evil side, when the nith comes she switches to her evil side and goes on a killing spree. absolutley nobody can tell it was her because she always acts innocent and they execute someone else! XD all i have to type for now.
rose star is my character, she isn’t a joke, and i love her