Our First Anniversary

Thank you all. Like I mentioned in our WP, I believe we have the best staff ever! Working with you guys has been nothing but wonderful and I love and am thankful to each one of you. I would love to celebrate our 2nd anniversary and many more with you guys. 

As you all know, the blog is not primary. Please don’t ever sacrifice something more important for the sake the of Fsy. If you are too busy, just tell me and I will not disturb you and find alternatives in keep the base running. There is no pressure ever. I always ask you all to do this and that but I never mean pressurize. If you ever felt that way or do feel that way, please tell me.Personally, I would like none of you to quit. But I will understand if you want to (maybe with a lot of reluctance and trying to make you change your mind).

I love you all so much, though we know each other only virtually. Thank you for spending time for Fsy and Happy First Anniversary! ♥♥♥

Dear Baldeep,

Baldeep~~My one and only! My editor. My minion. My grandmother. Soul Sister, etc. Is it okay to say we are similar in so many ways? I mean we’re of the same height also! I think you know how important you are both for the blog and to me.Thank you for letting me double check almost everything and also for being patient while I voice out my though process. Thank you for doing that mammoth imgur task with which I hardly helped and thank you for being such a fast learner! I have always enjoyed talking to you and I hope I wasn’t being a bother while doing so. I love you ♥♥♥


What’s on this Month by Baldeep Chana, 8th September 2014


#September is the beginning of #autumn but the change of #season doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop. There are plenty of #events happening in #London to help keep you #entertained. #TotallyThames is an exciting new, month-long #arts and #cultural celebration of #London’s river, featuring over 100 river related events along its entire 42 mile course through the capital. The diverse mix of #art, #music and #educational events will take place along the river banks and bridges, and participating is mostly free.

#FireGarden by #internationally renowned #French #artists #Carabosse is a spectacular show of fire and light. Burning lanterns, sizzling braziers, improvised #live music and extraordinary steam and fire powered #sculptures, will make you feel like you have entered an enchanted world. Fire is synonymous with being dangerous, but this interpretation will help you see beauty and creativity in this element. This event takes place on the 5th and 6th of September in the iconic building of #BatterseaPowerStation, before it closes for development.

The #ArtDeco #Fair takes place at #ElthamPalace on the 14th and 15th of September, and is a credible event for Art Deco fans to visit. The venue gives the fair an air of authenticity with its Art Deco entrance hall and magnificent surroundings. The ticket price includes entry to Eltham Palace and #gardens and you can see the house by #guided #tour. The fair is a great opportunity to buy original and #vintage items from the 1930s such as #furniture, #collectables, #hats, #handbags and #jewellery.

#Ming: 50 Years That Changed #China, is an amazing new #exhibition at the #British Museum which runs from the 18th of September to the 4th of January 2015. The exhibition focuses on the little explored but spectacular period in the first half of 15th century when #China became a #global #superpower. On display will be Ming #dynasty objects such as #gold, #jewellery, #furniture, #paintings, #sculptures, #textiles and exquisite #porcelain, all dating from between 1400 and 1450. This exhibition will have you immersed in the #magic and mystique of the #Far East!