To the dozen anons who have asked about what’s under my hijab - since it obviously couldn’t be hair…it’s one of these:

• snakes
• 5lbs of candy
• a bear
• Tiny elves making cookies
• a vortex where all my powers and life force are kept
• a teleporter
• nothing. I keep it covered because there’s literally a black hole on top of my head


Just got back from DragonCon and wanted to share one of my favorite costumes to date! KRATOS - GODDESS OF WAR!

Images by Foto Mike

Blades and ram by Hex Mortis

Contacts by Samhain Contact Lenses

Outfit by Leather Bound

Body paint by Kurt Allen and Sean McCarthy

Face Makeup by myself


So I had my wife cut my hair like this today and I’m thinking about just cutting it all as short as the sides. I like it but I just think it might be cool to be bald a while. Thoughts??

PS: i know this is Tumblr, so here is my disclaimer saying I’m sorry if you are bald for reasons beyond your control. That seems awful. Please don’t be mad at me. Haha.

For God’s sake Balding, get with the bloody program. That’s basic. What are they teaching kids in school these days?