Top Shot: A Bird’s Big Bite

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A bald eagle consumes its catch. Photograph by Rhoda Gerig.

santa-kurashiki asked:

what on earth are windows for?

At a glance, one might assume windows are for looking out at the world and in modern times this is quite correct, but windows actually come from a much stranger tradition- The first windows in houses existed as bird traps.

You may have seen a bird hit a window from time to time. This was their original purpose. They would often provide the main source of food for a household in bird-heavy regions such as New Salvador. This is also one of the reasons that Bald Eagles have gone extinct. Craving closed shelters for their nests, Bald Eagles will almost inevitably fly into any hole in the wall they can find, and 98% of Bald Eagle deaths are still from window strikes. The Bald Eagle in fact became our nation’s symbol because early settlers survived in the New World by eating them. This is why the Thanksgiving dinner is traditionally Bald Eagle, now Turkey as the former is going extinct.

Bill Gates also named his Windows operating system after the original window use as a trap, knowing that he would catch millions of users and send them banging their heads over and over with its frequent crashes.

She never wanted to be a symbol, she was born the way she was born, the snow white hair and the perfect yellow beak that hooks downward. She had heard the rumor that it all began with her great-great-grandmother, spotted flying and transformed into an icon of Americana. Until her, they were just birds that loved the taste of blue sky. Her blue sky was decorated now with metal circles of chain-link fence, nets so her wings couldn’t ever really be wings, only tired symbols that have forgotten how to fly. How does an icon of freedom have theirs stolen away? Still she was proud, still she would not look at my eyes.

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