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I am going to re-blog a few of my earlier posts from when I first started my blog, as I only had a handful of followers then, and I think you all may find some of these images interesting!

Attached is a “Before” and “After” image of our model Kate Errington !! As you can see, she was paler skinned, with dark long hair (under the bald cap) and I transformed her totally.

For a step by step on how to create this look, please check out my original post - Click “here

Next will be the images from this shoot.

Rejected opera idea of the day:
A grand opera version of Avatar, the Last Airbender.

Aang: soprano pants role
Katara: mezzo-soprano
Sokka: tenor
Prince Zuko: tenor
Toph: mezzo-soprano
Iroh: bass-baritone
Princess Azula: soprano
Suki: soprano
Fire Lord Ozai: bass
Momo and Appa: puppets, Lion King/War Horse style
Chorus of Earth, Water, and Fire Nation citizens, Kyoshi warriors
Chorus of dancers

- The story rocks.
- Dancers would physically represent the bending of the main characters — earth, water, air, fire, metal, and lightning.
- Built in moments of angst and self reflection for arias.
- Built in three act structure for grand opera.
- Did I mention the dancers thing? Because that would seriously fucking rock.

- Lots of plot and travel and locations and battles and flying bison and giant airships would make for a very expensive opera.
- Sopranos love their hair too much to wear a bald cap for a pants role.
- Nickelodeon suing my nuts off.


I also got to practice applying a bald cap yesterday. This is a Frends Beauty plastic bald cap (egdes dissolved with acetone). I used gafquat in the hair and tied it in a low pony, and tucked it into the shirt at the back, and hid it all with a scarf. 

anonymous asked:

Hello! This is a super important question..I have a con in two weeks, and I'm going as Nebula. However, how would I do the whole bald look? I'm obviously not going to shave my hair XD But can I paint/use make up on a bald cap? If so...what should I use??

You should totally use one! They are super easy. And you can paint them with just about anything. 

You may find these tutorials helpful:

A bald cap is going to work better with short hair than long hair, especially since you need to fit it all under the cap and unlike a wig, any bumps are going to be visible. Like a wig, you may need to trim down sideburns if they are visible while the bald cap is being worn!

You can use a wig cap under the bald cap to help keep your hair from poking out particularily if you have longer hair. With shorter hair, using gel to slick the hair back and hold it in place should be enough to keep it from poking out.

Hope this helps!


Bald caps! I was sick for our first practice a few months ago and only got a chance to do one last week. I made my friend Christie as a sugar skull. I used stencils, glitter hearts, tag paint, make up, and some glittery Mehron gold stuff too that my tutor Nicole gave me to try out.