Ale Label Collection
Stuffed animal Collection

Ban collects things. Some things that may be utilized to pass time (the prospect of immortality is quite lonely sometimes after all), others out of sheer boredom and spur of the moment desires, but the driving force of it is simple: he wants to have something to show for himself, a token of something to show Elaine when she comes back. She enjoyed his Ale Label Collection the first time, and he wants to be able to show her more things, so he’s making up for their lost time together by collecting things.

The Vibrilian High Sept. Bara priest is in the centre, and standing.

Currently backstory for each is nil or at a minimum, will address this when it arises. Any questions about them will be appreciated.

From Left To Right
Back row, standing:

  • Bryant Bromwell, Esq.
  • Lord General Xavier Balain
  • Revered Lord Mohenjo of The Gnomon
  • Charles Morgan
  • Doctor Fredrickson

Sitting, Front row:

  • Sir Gregory Enoch Krushner
  • Adian Trent
The respective Contracts of the High Sept
  • Only six members are listed here, for the youngest one has no Contract.
  • Bryant Bromwell, Esq. :The Drowning Whale Demon Of Water, curiously enough, for one whose preferred profession has to do with causing flames and smoke.
  • Lord General Xavier Balain:Suitably for a general and military man, the Consuming Demon Of Fire. Uses his abilities to taunt the fire-fearing Bromwell.
  • Revered Lord Mohenjo of The Gnomon:A priest with a Contract of the Inquiring Demon Of Mind (Malphas?).
  • Charles Morgan:A reporter with the Contract of the Immune Messenger Of Poison. His Contract item is his glasses, and he uses the power accorded to him to poison the minds of people against himself.
  • Doctor Fredrickson:Purifying Messenger Of Blood. Normally quiet, peace-loving. Dangerous when angered.
  • Sir Gregory Enoch Krushner:Scouring Messenger of Lye. Motivations mostly unknown, quiet old man. (Read about Mademoiselle Geraldine of the Finishing School Series and you'll have an idea of his current situation)