Bakura poster (pre-order) + wip

I finally edited my Bakura print into a poster size and made it available at my storenvy store. There’s not much of a difference other than the width and also some touchups on Ryou’s face. 

So yeah I’ll have it available so I can see how it does until I print a whole bunch for Animazement this year! The other pre-order prints like the Aoba and Rin are available too. 


Also here’s a wip of another Bakura print I’l have for Animazement because I love Bakura too much

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Why don't you use those satanic(zorctanic) powers you have to raise enough funds to get to Egypt and visit Marik... or Skype chat with him idk the latter is probs easier then long distance calling if you have good internet o3o


In Capsule Monster Coliseum, each duelist’s stage or monsters reflects something about them or their personality.

Ryou Bakura’s stage is a cherry blossom garden. In Japanese culture, cherry blossoms represent the fragility and the beauty of life, as well as love, death and rebirth. So the stage is probably a reference to his deceased sister and mother :( Ryou needs hugs.


Bakura and Marik - Playing with the big boys
omg so much love

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someone please teach this nerd how to use skype so he can talk to his boyfriend. think you can do it, ryou?

How do you think I entertain myself while he’s piloting this meat slab? There’s no secret he can hide from me in here. Especially the secret of skype. Whatever that is.

Hell Spawn /AU

Demon gave a rather shaky sigh as she looked at herself in the mirror, there as no change yet.. but there would be soon enough, it was a long shot but she has to say something, unable to track him down and barely able to call his darkness to her , a small  strand of it appeared “Holy crap it worked..okay ah bring Bakura here I need to speak with him” she spoke hopefully the little strand of dark would comply and bring the male to her.