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For the sketch requests (if you're still doing them!!), can you draw Marik and Bakura snuggling in a blanket on a couch while its raining? Thank you owo

…Ok so they ended up on a bed instead because I can’t read apparently– by the time I realized, the overall sketch was already done.. I’m sorry! (´;д;`) I hope you like it still!

I’ve been really inspired by ryobkr‘s amazing doujinshi works lately!(*´▽`*)♥ I wanted to try a lineart and screentone drawing~ I’ve always wanted to make a doujin of some sort but I never really had any time or motivation. Maybe someday. (๑>ᴗ<๑)


Well, I Guess Everybody Needs A Bedtime Story Sometimes

FTAO YuGiOh Hunger Games participants

Hello! ^-^

I’m not sure what’s to come or how things will play out but just wanted you all to be aware that I have chosen to role-play as Kaiba throughout it all as there may come a time when we interact and I send you an ask, or tag you in a post, and it will be in his character (I will tag all posts as ‘RPing Kaiba’ for this)

It’s possible that the remark/response could be snarky and/or rude and I just wanted you to be aware so that no offence is taken as the last thing I would want to do is cause any upset to anyone.

If you would have a problem with me doing this then please let me know and I will keep things to a minimum/tone it down for you.

That is all, thank you :)



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[ amane-bakura i got curious o 3o ] ♠️ 8

8. A dare

He laughed lowly. “A dare~ Now what would you dare me to do for losing a card game?”

“I hope it’s going to be fun~” The last word was most sticky and unsettling emphasized.
His eyes had captured her and he refused to let his gaze wander astray until she’d tell him what she would dare him to do.

I got the job! It pays extremely well and I get tips also, and with working just ~15 hours a week I can easily save enough money to buy both the Marik and bakura figures as well as all the cards my little heart desires