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And that's how yugioh hair was born. Seriously, have you seen the newest ones lol?

Theyre making the original look fuckin tame.

Actually for the most part i would consider the original series pretty damn tame as far as the hair goes. Yuugis….Yuugi but aside from him everyone else tends to hover in the “Kind of out there” or pretty normal range.

And then theres Yami Super Saiyan Marik

And points to Yami Bakura, Whose hair appears to be mood dependent.

Nice and calm, Bakura is at ease.  He feels at home in dark alleyways.

Here we see an alert Bakura. Ready to take down prey.

Here Bakura is listening for predators.

Here we have an agitated Bakura.

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After the last episode of Yu-gi-oh GX, it's almost accepted that Yugi will look like his ancient Egypt counterpart (that is, taller, more muscular, angular face). If we apply that to Ryou, how would you draw him looking like Thief King Bakura?

That was a difficult one… because I wouldn’t say Ryo will look like Thief King Bakura (aside from the dark skin or different eye color)… but maybe you had something like that in mind?

Where he is older and more mature… with short hair (like the ones from Thief King Bakura)? And I gave him the colors red/blue/ochre to illustrate the connection… I hope this was you had in mind and you like it!


Of the couples I know, the ones that play games together are the most solid usually. 

The exception being when something new releases and the budget that month only allows one purchase at a time. Then look the fuck out. (One of my friends is a WoW player while his wife is a FFXIV player, sometimes heads are butt)

Also since I’ll probably need to explain my head canon since I regularly assume everyone around me is psychic like a giant fool, I picture video games being a good middle ground for these pair of nerds. Score to settle? Whip out the pokemons!

I Had No Idea So Many People Had Yamis! Well I Hope They’re Nice To All Of You And Never Try To Stab Your Celebration Cakes.

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It's actually a request for my best friend thehe ^^"" She would love to see psychoshipping art with those idiots "launching themselves at each other in animal-lusty state" as she said xD You can do what you want with this, may be chibi, may be normal drawing, I will be glad to get anything that my bf will enjoy x3

Sooo~ I wasn’t quite sure what she had in mind, so… uhm.. I tried to figure that out.. (つω⊂* )

making… out… like… animals? … I hope your best friend likes it! In a way… (  ͒•·̫|

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Ryou for the headcanons?

I am going with my post series Ryou, after he’s freed from TK Bakura

What they smell like: old books and yarn dye chemicals
How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): He sleeps very little, being more nocturnal in nature and also suffering from PTSD and night terrors thanks to his experiences at the hands of TK Bakura. I put him about 3 to 4 hours if he’s lucky or not busy planning his next tabletop game. He likes to curl up with the puppies, Indy and Abby – Abby is his therapy dog and Indy is Tristan’s dog–or sleep curled up against Tristan’s chest.
What music they enjoy: piano or violin music–something soothing.
How much time they spend getting ready every morning: 15-20 minutes (i’m not good at gauging these things guys so that’s my default answer)
Their favorite thing to collect: Knitting needles
Left or right-handed: Right
Religion (if any): eeeeeeeehhhh
Favorite sport: There’s too many tabletop games to be planned for sports.
Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): He likes to visit the little local shops and buy little trinkets.
Favorite kind of weather: A warm, cloudless night where you can see all the stars.
A weird/obscure fear they have: Not many; mostly he’s just afraid of being alone and forgotten.
The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: Ring toss

Give me a character and I’ll give my weird headcanons for them.

Did everyone just forget that time in the Ancient Egypt arc where Kaiba is looking at the images of Seto in Atem’s past and just goes “Oh great, I’m hallucinating again”, as if it’s the most normal thing in the world? Or how about, right before that, when he sees poor Ryou facedown on the stairs leading into the tomb and all he says is “Well, I guess our rematch will have to wait”. Doesn’t even check to see if he’s breathing. I cried. And I by “cried”, I mean, I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe because Kaiba is such an asshole.