The Girl who was a Gaurdian

So this is an extremely long poem about Bak and Fou. It starts when Bak was born, covers Allen’s time at the Asian branch, and a possible future for Bak and Fou. it’s essentially a fanfic from Fou’s point of view, written in rhyme.

There was a girl who wasn’t
A human girl at all
She existed as a gaurdian
A thing within the wall
The girl once met a young boy
The child of the child of that man
Descendant of her own creator
Her half life in his hands
The boy then met with tradgedy
His world exterminated
Two monstrous children had gone wrong
His parents victims of their hatred
The world was rebuilt slowly
And the boy then met the girl
Viewing her for the first time
Not just an object of the world
The boy he grew up quicky
And became important too
Yet boy and girl kept a bond
Beheld by a scarce few
The girl had her own body
A truth she made by lying
And wandering in that body
Beheld the hero dying
The youthful white haired hero
Was placed within her care
And together with the boy
Crafted a hero strong and fair
Then a demon broke her
As a gaurdian she failed
Before the face of evil
Her own small powers paled
So then when she lay broken
Her half life slipping past
the hero and the boy arrived
the boy ran to her fast
The boy then held her body
Though her body was a lie
Despite her immortality
Perhaps she’d truly die
Yet that was not to happen
For fate was not that kind
The hero found himself again
And saved them just in time
Later when the hero left
The girl began to hope
The moment when the boy held her,
May someday be retold
Yet that was not to happen
For the boy he loved another
A girl much younger than him
Protected by her brother
And so this equilibrium
remained for one more year
A life without attention
But also without tears
Then one day the war was won
And the boy’s love found her own
Then the boy turned to the girl
The awful balance thrown
For scarce moments they loved
Remembering the feeling
Of being in each other’s arms
Afraid their wounds weren’t healing
The boy came to his senses
To the girl he became colder
He fell In love and married
A woman from the order
The boy and his love had a child
Ignorant of the girl
Believing her a gaurdian
An object of the world
Flash forward many years now
The boy’s love passed away
The girl then vowed to save his heart
From starting to decay
The girl took on her body
The one that was a lie
And the boy fell deep in love with her
Beause she couldn’t die
The boy grew old beside her
As the girl remained a girl
And then the boy slipped from life
And the girl lost her whole world
one day she wandered freely
In her body so untrue
And collapsed deeply sobbing
Remembering the boy’s youth
Suddenly a presence came
At sat down at her side
It was the child of the boy
And he was smiling wide
The chikd had become a man
The image of his father
Though he seemed more open
And his heart was so much softer
“I know you think you’re nothing,
But I know thats not the case
You have a heart to rival
One of the human race
And so the child told the girl
So the girl fell at once
No longer just an object
A person who was loved