More cardigan replies (wow thank you!)

Just in case you wondered, this is the (unfinished) cardigan in question:



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Oh my. I’m going to have to learn how to do sweaters now… *fawns over cardi*

Another victim in my knitlock web!



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That is the most beautiful cardigan in the world!!



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It’s always the skulls. Scull cake, anyone?

1. Nickname? it’s literally just my name with a letter removed, but everyone calls me lis.

2. Eye color? poop

3. Hair color? also poop

4. 1 fact about you: i don’t like when people are mean. if i hear you making fun of someone’s appearance or character flaws, i’ll probably just stop speaking to you

5. Favorite color? mint green

6. Favorite place? nyc

7. Favorite celebrity? ellen page <3

8. Favorite animal? elephants tho

9. Favorite song? the quiet things that no one ever knows - brand new

10. Favorite book? white oleander. for def.

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Hello sweetheart! Would you do 27, 75, and 76 from the ask game please?

Hi! *waves emphatically* Thank you for asking! :D

27. Has someone ever written a song or poem for you?

Not that I am aware of… I’m usually the one doing the writing about other people. My poetry journal is scorched in poems for my ex. And I wrote a song for my old best friend when she was suicidal.

75. What’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for you?

It is a tie! But they’re the same situation?

1) So last January, when the Snowpocalypse hit the FIRST time around, my roommate and I had to come back to school early. Incidentally, we’d spent New Year’s together, so we were both getting sick at the same time. I was “talking” to this guy from Boston but I warned him that I was getting sick so I’d be out of commission for a few days. He studies at Berklee and I’d told him about my passion for Jazz so when I was sick, he sent me a five minute video of him playing all of these jazz songs on his piano. At the end of it, he turned to the camera and said “I’m sorry you’re so sick, beautiful. I hope that helped.”

2) The same time, one of our floormates, Maddie, was really concerned about the both of us being so sick, so she brought us this kick-ass medicine and would routinely check in on us.  That was the nicest thing someone who wasn’t a best friend has done for me. 

76. What’s the sweetest thing you’ve done for someone else?

Ummm…Uhhhhh…I don’t know? People tell me I’m sweet all the time but I can’t really’s usually for stuff that I do without thinking. Like, why wouldn’t I do this thing or say this to someone? It’s just nice?

I guess one of the sweet things I’d do was, in high school, I would give my friends random presents. In the spring, these daffodils would grow in my yard, so I’d gather the nicest ones and give them to my friends. For Christmas, everyone got little presents in their lockers. And I’d make our guy friends food. If it was their birthday, they always got cupcakes or mini cakes. 

bakerstreetskull said:

Would you do daffodil, rhododendron, and magnolia, please?

What’s the most thoughtful present you’ve ever received? So I think I’ve only gotten 2 presents from people who aren’t family/ attended b-day party. One was Gavin when he gave me an Artemis Fowl book and M&Ms, and the Other was when Karren got me my Bird school shirt.

What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had? I have a recurring one where it always starts out the same, but no matter what I do I get killed in some terrible way. And after I die I go out of dream mode and I have to force my eyes open.

Favorite kind of candy? Reese’s or Twix

Ask me more flower questions

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And here I thought the skull really hit it off with he deerstalker.


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What if each season brings a new anthropomorphized dismembered body part into the show and at the end they put them together and they form some sort of Megazord.


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#this is SEAMLESS how do you do it

Oh it took no time at all.


See? Seconds.

Actually… this took a long time and I worked on it in between doing other stuff, changing my mind, and of course, the part that takes the longest… looking for source images.  

These were the only the layers I had still active and unmerged. The front arm is made of three different arms, I painted on most of the bedsheets to the left and don’t get me started about shadows. The background layer is at least three screenshots and I had to edit an arm out manually.

Photoshop ain’t for the type of people who want things done quick.


The new series of radio sitcom Cabin Pressure starts today at 6:30 pm GMT / 1:30 pm EST / click here for your time zone. You can listen to the episode here or here. And it’s not like the BBC TV shows—you don’t need special workarounds to hear the radio programs if you’re not in the UK.

Because a lot of Sherlockians are Cabin Pressure fans, I’m opening up The Giant Chat of Sumatra for those of you who want to chat about the new episode.

The chat is open now, and will stay open for a while after the episode airs.

Non-Sherlockian Cabin Pressure fans are welcome to join us as well, of course, so long as you don’t mind that the chat will probably have a rather Sherlock-y flavor. (And if you do mind that sort of thing, just be glad that some of it is being redirected to a chatroom you get to ignore. Win-win.)



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What? You’ve done something amazing again!? SHOCK!!!



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Oo, that’s lovely.

Not as lovely as this though!


…or is it?